Crank cog snout hall of death.


1% damage ok, and cured with red Locktite

In the USA,. there are only 3 cogs, for Track/kicks. ( never use Esteem) Each factory change on a different date but in about 1993 they STOPPED using this back washer and integrated it to the cog (cast as one piece) then in 1996 by federal mandate, OBD2 needs a CKP sensor and a real tone wheel, spikes. DO NOT MIX PARTS ! use the correct part for your Engine, your country and your Sidekick or Vitara. G16 engines are not all identical, not at all, they are very close, but close only counts in Horseshoes or Hand grenades.


1997 (96-98)

1997 crank with USA OBD2 cog.

hopeless, as you can see there are no limits to damage, not ever.

Loctite 660 to the rescue.

more loctite 660

here im using 660, its structual loctite not thread locker, its very very strong, (data sheet read it) and cures with lack of AIR, starve it of all air.

I love the hopeless. so add these.

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