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CEL lamp no codes
hi pals!!!
Greetings form Argentina.
First, sorry. My english is so poor...

I have a GeoTracker (sidekick here) 1.6 8v Automatic(3A) (1993)

First I want to thank you. Find this page is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I follow all instructions carefully to fix the problem of injection. I changed the Q101 and q102 transistor. Now I have injection!!!
The car crank, correct fuel bomb, correct PSI, correct spark (good light in the five pos) but no start.

I have a problem with de CEL lamp. Turn on but no throw any code when short the DLC connector.

I take off the ECU. Turn ON and the CEL lamp glow. RARE??????

Any shortcut to test and short directly form de ecu. To aboid problems with cables.

Best Regards to all!!!
Welcome ,Andres
you're doing great.
super, you found and repaired the bad injector drivers.
Your car is probably a USA federal type car with the NAG lamp.
just slide the nag switch 1 time. and CEL will blink 12s. (or other codes)

yes, the CEL glows ECU pulled oput because of the NAG mileage timer in the speedometer , is timer closed. Slide the switch here.


best is to remove it so this never happens again, its really just a distraction.

you have spark and fuel but will not run, not even test fuel.

check engine compression. check it wide open throttle.
might have timing belt slipped.

cheers "Salud"

nagging issues?

[Image: miles1w.jpg]

if compression low. not 150 but 80
do this.


if compression is good and spark good, then it must run on test fuel.
if not run on test fuel. the spark wires are routed wrong or the rotor in the distributor is on wrong.
Yes!. I found the switch. I slide and no code. Sad
I completly remove it from speedometer , no code Sad
Bad ECU?

I remove ecu, and MAGIC!! CEL gloww!!!!!! What is this??? Sad

Buuuttt magic is magic!!! Now you see. Now you dont!! Smile

Look this mess!! WTF!!!?? Who do this? The daemon??

[Image: speedo1.jpg]

[Image: speedo2.jpg]

I repaired the damage!!! Now I have Code 12 !!!!! Steep by Steep pals!!

[Image: ecu1.jpg]
[Image: ecu2.jpg]

P.D. Look the pcm board before repair. The r225 is a resistor?
P.D2. I give you my pictures for your collection. :-)

Best Regards
the ECU, looks real ugly,
yes,R225 is a resistor.

i have it drawn below.

it blew up , my guess, from hot wiring the injector.
(or q101 shorted, then burned up the injector coil then took out q102 and R225,, i think not)

0.27ohms 5watts. 1/4 ohm.
id replace all 3 parts, above

[Image: injector-drivers.jpg]
I have repaired the mess.

In the dash, someone short the OIL control lamp with the CEL lamp.
Now I have code 12.
Here in Argentina there is an alternative fuel (GNC)
Now the engine start with GNC!!!!, i check de inyector cables with a lamp an now they are working.

Later i will finish the work and proves with gasoline

Thank you very much for your help!
does the GNC modules , connect to that stock TBI injector?

GOOD the NOID flashes now.. great.
(03-20-2014, 12:59 AM)fixkick Wrote: Fantastico.
does the GNC modules , connect to that stock TBI injector?

GOOD the NOID flashes now.. great.

GNC (Compressed Natural Gas) inyect gas directly into the air filter tube. (is like a propane gas)
For select one fuel or another there is a relay. (If GNC selected, it
first off thanks for sharing,, those photos are very good,
yes CNG, very popular in Peru too. and dual fuel there, Bomba , fuel pump. yes, my son in law calls it that, i dig...

may your injector wire, live a long life...

do not let then ground out, open circuit kills injections but will not burn thing ups.
good luck to you .

cheers. and Salud !
excellent, I'll print all the material for future reference.

sorry i posted to the wrong post. there are 2 active posts for no CEL.
but its all there.

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