All Body tags collection. USA and other countries.

One more JDM , note no market at all. thus JDM type. Some JDMs have no Cat converter, EGR nor even an 02 sensor. The have a CO resistor AFR tuning method. I call these cars SLICKS. (love em' i do)

1995 E24 Australia. Vitara.

pure Escudo JDM , 96? see if you can read this, LOL !

usa type dash VIN code, Cami made .

engine serial, the leter is the year, and same rules as VIN code Years. The letter code is not used outside USA. This is bottom left side of motor.

USA VIN top left dash.. glueing in windshield now. there is no fire wall body tags on usa cars but we have and EPA under hood (look up) sticker that does show, engine type, spark plug type and gap and vacuum map. as seen in the first 5 photos.

Made in Spain factory and is called a Santana

Santana Vitara, from Europe.

Spain Santana

Made in CAMI but sold to Germany this VIT, one odd duck that. Market E22,, G16a is 8v, I never knew CAMI made cars for Germany. Proof.

vitara with a carb. market E01 is General market, no Target country. Used by counties that have no DOT, or EPA so any car will do. (bliss)

real glove box door sticker.,my 91 FED, Tracker, GM RPO tag.

GM/GEO Tracker RPO tag, on Glove box, ALL installed options and smog types. all motors and transmisson used. Nice GM , real nice.

ECU tag the suffix P/N is important the prefex are all the same on ECUs 56Bxx means 8valve Throttle body , ECU.

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