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2006 jeep liberty timing chain
if the cam chain sounds ok, not thrashing sounds.
then replace the CMP next $15 part.
the SMP has new guts, (maker) and a new filter to prevent false readings, I highly recommend the SMP brand of sensor from rockauto or any car store that has them in stock.

the cam has star wheel, with teeth the CMP measure those teeth and uses it to know when to spark and inject.
if the chain is loose, the wheel jogs, causing CMP to see jumping, and the PCM will not like that.
if the sensor gets dirty it also does that , the tip can grow what I call mud on tip, (dirt and super fine iron dust ) this iron dust disturbs the magnetic pulses from the CMP.
just cleaning any speed sensor on any car can be a fix, amazing facts of life.
if you see mud there, just wipe it off, and drive, see?

this job is 15min job. pull it , wipe it , put it back
if fails still put a SMP there new.
This SMP is newer class of smarter better sensors, be sad to see cost of new chain for mud there or bad sensor.
for 15 minute work. and one simple wrench, hardly bent over to reach. take out bolt and twist it cw and ccw, gently to break the dirty gummy seal there.

the new chain is an all day job.
and getting done an not causing new huge oil leak, is not easy, so mech, may charge 2 times that. as insurance.
if you need the pages on the job I have it.
the chain test , in the FSm shows removing the front cover, this is hard work that and long
and most shops just replace the chain doing all that hardwork just to look for execessive 15mm play.

in short, page 4093 of 6059 (yes huge manual, on complex cars today)
coolant drained
fan out
all hoses to cover out.
belts off
crankshaft damper off
alternator off
AC compressor off or retracted.
remove 13 bolts on cover.
the cover is glued on with RTV , removing it and not causing damage takes skills.

new chain per this page , 15 more steps
put back cover, with new RTV gray code. MoparT Grey Engine RTV sealant
a cam locking device ,tool is needed.
I stop here, just to show how hard it is, yes all day long. easy. do it slow and carefully and it will not leak, if not , do over.there is NO GASKET here, so, skills are PARAMOUNT.

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