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33920-80g01 suzuki swift
Hi i am looking for pinout diagram of HT51S suzuki swift 1.3L ecu number is 33920-80g01 made by denso in 2001 can anyone help. I will be very thankful.
USA car? if not only books (pdf or online) in your country work, never ours.

we dont have swift data here, but any online source does, official but both are useless outside USA< seems to me YOU ARE not HERE.

why not post year car and country was sold? first. (even engine sizes in liters and how many cams)
in all cases of all cars the look up for books are(indexed by)
needs, maker suzuki
then model , swift (SF< SA or
then year
and last engine, and drive line 2wd or 4wd. and trans.
looking it backward is SUPER HARD work.

even google can't find it. backwards. (just tried)
the swift has 8 classes and engines gas and diesel world wide , up to 2004.

80G01, or G00 or 80GF1 , what is the car? name and year and country, or is this some kind of HARD test?
one person said it is the M13. engine, 1.3L
RS,SA,SF, SW as in RS413 or RS415 car. (true suzuki models are all indexed like this not simply SWIFT)
I looked I my USA full suzuki parts list and no 80G there, in USA.
using deeper google scans
see one guy in Sri Lanka, asking about it,, so now we know its not in USA.
I see it in one right hand drive car, called and IGNIS? with that ECU exactly , not in USA.
i guess you hit the G and F keys at the same time for title. IMR

the guy from one other top forums also so shy can say car year, nor country was told to use this for M13/15.


type A or B ECU, not ever used in USA a fact.

now that was had, asking anyone to look UP your car backwards.

gee go to the suzuki dealer and do that and get IGNORED.
no VIN
no year,
no name of car. (full model and swift is not it)
no country.
you are right its 33920-80g01 and ht51s. gf was hit by mistake
i am not sure about car because engine and ecu was swaped. According to google this ecu was used in ht51s suzuki swift 1.3l petrol but i cant find pinouts. Car is running fine only ac conections and data link is missing. Thats why cant use air conditioning and scan for fault codes. i am in pakistan. Due to lack of knowledge no one know. Plz help......
thaks in advance.....

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the link I posted above shows 2 ECU
and both run the AC,
if you look at the PDF ECU type A and B
did you miss that?
yes thats true. thanks for ur effort take care
m13 engine with wasted spark twin COP ignition coils, with no distributor called DIS, distributorless ignition system.

the a/c on this car has no AMP controller they did put in inside the ECU, as seen here.


this is the 80G engine pages.
the car has body tag , a shop would read this first step
to learn what the car really is,

this car is vitara in Australia, but this is the NON USA tag we don't use tags ,we use LONG VIN, on top of dash.
this codes tell the mechanic what car it is and what options it had new. so parts fit. and work.
or a Vitara this tag is on the fire wall of car hood up see fire wall see tag. not sure on any swift.
[Image: Jap-E24-1994plate.jpg]
the ECU , on this car has no over the counter sold scan tools.
making repairs very hard.
suzuki has the tool but is now very old and most are dead now. from use and age.
getting AC to work on this car with that blind ECU is a huge challenge.
Best is buy the real factory service manual matching your code 24 country code here are the codes
Pakistan is E42 market (suzuki magic codes) per my list.

and worse yet engine/ecu swaps, making car a Frankenstein car.

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