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97 Sidekick Sport 1.8L - CUTS OUT AT 1/4 THROTTLE
ive seen and found many very odd cut outs. (witts end tests)
I can't drive and see what is up. so, can only suggest many tests.
one way is to connect a spark timing light to the spark plugs.
the J18/20 with COPS are not easy, but can be done.
done this
took the hood off, a few times (countless?)
the attached a timing light to the #4 cop (with strandoff device) inductive pickup to the lower adaptor to top of spark plug. (8v is 10x more easy G16a)
then duct tape the light trigger closed,
then duct tape the light to a WIPER arm (grin)
then connect timing light 2 cable clamps to the battery. terminals
key start engine, see light flash sure you do.
now drive, when engine cuts out see if spark lamp goes dead, if yes, you lost spark, no need at all to chase fueling.

if the lamp is not dead, at cut out, then it is fueling failure of 2 kinds (1 of 2).
1: flooding (look at spark tips to see of soaked in fuel or carbon black)
2: not flooding is loss of fueling (dry plugs) even a bad fuel pump , its relays or the wires from left tail light to fuel pump rusty as the love to do.

end wits end tests..... ive done this even back in 1960s , loss of spark under odd conditions.
then new branded side kick is really awesome
tell more about the character and experiences of the cut out. (both parked tests, and driving)
it will be fuel or spark
most times fuel cutout, will be slow. (one can demo this effect, by pulling fuel pump relay feel and witness power drop slowly) compared to...
spark loss (or misfire) effects are fast and violent.

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