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195 degree stat or stock??
22F tonite and i hope the dam thing starts hahahah

at least i can go anywhere i want in 4WD even up tree
(11-18-2013, 10:39 PM)fixkick Wrote: 85F in texas ,yesterday... heheheheheheheh

Is there a 195F thermostat available for the 1.8 (96-98).
they are getting hard to find (suzuki stopped sales (EPA messing with them)

1.8L sport is a very rare car. but the Esteem engine 1.8L uses the same STAT and is very easier to find.
there is NOS old stock out there but hard to find.

beck arnley, no. (new catalog)
motorad. no,
ACdelco, no more.
Gates , No more...
STANT, yes, 45849 (oem) and 13849 (alternate) 195f page 229 in the 2014 stant ecatlog.



here is the link to the STANT catalog, current (and USA made)

i will see just how many engines, at suzuki (56) match the 1.8L, this will make it easier to find.

rock auto dont index them.. (i suspect they carry them.....) more later. they do...

The BUICK LeSabre
V-6 3.8 L
2005-1996; Premium Thermostat ......................

may 1995 GM/Chevys run this Stat. including 7.4L 1995 Chev. Pick ups.

make sure you get the correct rubber ring, that fits the suzuki.

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