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95 crank seal
Just finished a completely rebuilt engine in my 95 Tracker. Block and head work done at a quality machine shop. Did the assembly myself on an engine stand,took my time used the FSM and used this site for guidance. All buttoned up, runs great BUT!! I have an oil leak,drip. Coming from the oil pump case area but with PS and AC compressor installed hard to see where. My machine shop agreed that the crank oil seal is probably the culprit as noted here in numerous threads. Have printed out all pertinent references on this site but want some advice before tearing back apart. Can this be done and done well without pulling the engine again. Does the oil pump have to come off or left in place ? Anyone out there have the Suzuki tool they want to sell or rent ? Any help is appreciated.
CONGRATULATIONS or your build, way to go....

cam belt cover off. you will see what leaks. and the seal is easy to do , if crank pulley is off. (17mm big bolt)
can be, pan seal, pump side seals, ? or the seal at crank or cam seal.
keep open, mind, i do hope its only the cam or crank seal, as they are the easy to fix leaks.

I just pull radiator and front cam cover,
[Image: donebelt1.jpg]

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