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1.6 16V - Intake Manifold Nuts
Any idea what the thread pitch on the flanged intake manifold mounting nuts. Had to pull the head on the '98 Tracker 1.6, had some non-factory nuts and some rounded. I want to get them all 12-mm wrench size like factory, instead of mixed 12's and 13's that came off.

Pretty sure they're for an M8 stud, but not sure about thread pitch - maybe 1.25??

And guess what, the cylinder head didn't have allen-socket head bolts, it had hex-heads with big washers, that some Idiot used to "repair" the engine.

You can imagine what happened next, lots of leaks and not much torque on the head bolts!!!!! Dodgy

BTW, thanks for the excellent writeup in your "Pull" section, once I got the big bracket out from under the intake, it was a pretty easy job to "float" the manifold to the side.

'98 Tracker 4WD, 1.6-16V 4-door automatic, Scuba Blue (aka Scooby Blue)
it the ISO spec bolts
course, that mix is not ISO
13m socket is spec, ISO
12mm are alien
1.25 is coarse pitches
see wiki for easy,ISO facts

yes , and the bolts for suzuki hare hard to find (head)
some stores even lie, mixing up 8v and 16v same and are not.

FYI I found some, they are M8x1.25. Cheers............ed
'98 Tracker 4WD, 1.6-16V 4-door automatic, Scuba Blue (aka Scooby Blue)
easy peasy japaneezy
if don't know, pick ISO.


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