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Good Mechanic in Dallas-Fort Worth Area?
(03-26-2016, 10:50 PM)fixkick Wrote: i let my finger touch that drip it covers my finger tip, i sniff it, does it stink real bad, if yes, its hypoid gear oil for the hypoid gear set in the 3rd member of the axle.
to prove that remove the plug filler ,pinky finger it, same horrid stinch,? bingo for GL5 Hypoid.
that table is the cross member. air flows front to rear and it gets oil soaked, from many causes,,,,
there can be many leaks there at 3rd member carrier casing. if in fact it really is GL5 fluid... (gear lube #5)
1: right side seals leak. Left end is long, so you'd know if it leaked, by self.
2: rear pinon seal leak.
3: case split sealant failure. it has no gasket and uses the special sealant, just like the 5speed gear box uses.. ask
4 casing cracks,
5: or the porosity failure stated in the SUZUKI TSBs. (poor/no factory pressure testing , fails to find this on new cars , warning)
6: plug leaking, some have a gasket there. 89-98 do
7: the top of casing has breather fitting that fan leak or the hose fell off, or is cracked hose down low.
8: lots.

the best way to find this kind of leak, is clean it, and drive around the block, first point of oil. is cause.
or the UV die test with lamp. if cleaning is too much trouble.
all leaks can be found this way.

6 places to leak, if not bad casing (below is 89-98) the 99 Sq416 g.vitara. looks same.
[Image: front%20axle3.jpg]

the Suzuki bond™ sealant , secret is , that its really this.


and lasts for ever. , never seen it fail. (unmolested)

threebond 1211, repackages to many car makers so they can sell if for 2x more..

the sniff tests can fail.
(not using GL5) oops , be real bad that.. kiss off gears...
using some newer SYN. lubes that smell different. making me have to pinky finger the filler hole 2nd. (sniff 2)

It may be the right side seal. I saw oil there when I shined a flashlight into the recess/slot where the right side prop shaft enters the 3rd member casing.
The oil does not appear to be coming from the engine. The top of the member/casing is dry and oil free and I see no evidence of oil running down the right side of the engine. There was engine oil coming from behind the timing belt cover and exiting on the lower left front of the engine in the vicinity of a wiring harness (oil pressure sensor?). But that seems to have stopped. And would be consistent with the prior owner's claim that he had a leaking cam shaft seal replaced that, in turn, stopped the engine oil leak. So now the oil on the right side of the casing and on the bottom. BTW - the sealant used to seal the 3rd member casing appears to be gray in color.
I will do the sniff test and the cleaning and re-inspection. I will be back to you. Thanks, RR
the sealant is not rubber like, not like RTV
when dry (new 1212 it's light gray) then dry's hard, not hard like diamonds more like, dried, enamel paint. and a tad darker.
chances are all that is original sealant and seems to last for ever, untouched.

id sniff test it.
for sure,.
do you have GL5 in your shop in a bottle, do a sniff test, yuk what a nasty smell and will never forget it.
one word, it reeks.
get it on you and GF avoids you for week. heheheh

good luck to you ! and hope its and easy fix.
here is posters, photos, on getting access to pan, it shows , real photos and access points.


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