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1990 geo tracker
my tracker has had new fuel pump new computer but it was a used computer i know it is getting fuel i work on heavy equitment for a living but this thing has been to several shops if i start it up it will crank right up then shut off and wont crank back up till the next day can someone please help i wanna get my baby back on the rode and i just cant seem to figure this out
welcome !!
1990 , that is a very old car 25 years old and most have 2 or 3 major issues( with perfect long block, and 150+ psi compression x4)
when you use the diagnostic jumper does hit flash code 12?

so it does sometime run ok and drive. ok?
or does it stall soon after all attempts to drive.?
sounds like flooding to me.! we pull a spark out, is it soaked in fuel, flooded, and or. spark tips black as coal?
is the spark timing near 0? if way off the cam belt slipped, as all do over 60k miles.

tuned up, good spark parts
filters ok? both intake and near tank front side? fuel filter ok
FPR reg, on front of TBI dont leak fuel at the vacuum nipple when pulled.?
fresh gas
car didnt sit for a year.

on 25yo cars.
i check for spark timing first. as nobody ever replaces cam belts it seems. and when it slips, compression loves to go to 1/2 spec.
and spark goes retarded huge.Cam drives distributor so, is a victim. (that case)

spark timing is always first.
why, its 5min work, and shows you, ok, cam didnt slip. (unless last mech found that and tried to correct it by fiddling the distributor (bad idea, 2 wrongs dont make a right.)

one more
does car still have a CAT? (TWC catalyst attached) most melt inside when the ECU goes to falesafe mode. as most do many times, in life of car.
see cat tests on my page. (search)

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