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line coming from throttle body.
There is an electrical line coming from the side of the throttle body with a white heat resistant cover over it. it's connected to nothing. What is it for and where does it connect?
92 Geo Tracker 8 valve automatic.
i guessed wrong, lacking a photo.
we now know that is the EGRT sensor.
(09-02-2015, 10:17 AM)fixkick Wrote: i can see that is a 91+ Throttle body
but look at where the wire goes,it's not to the body. not really.... (not injector, not tps, not iSC) there are no more wires to TB but... but the base can have this PTC device.
its a separate base plate, I cant see where your wire lands.

see TB removed (1989/90 ) A/T only
the base heater plate is here, is this it?
[Image: PTC-1.jpg]

look more careful, i bet grease hides the color , its brown plastic.

Fix , I think it`s call 'thermoprobe' which is on the 94-95 Tracker and sidekick as well as the California additions. It would not have this on a 92, unless the car is set up for California emissions.
It registers the temp of the exhaust gas that is going through the EGR valve.

I have the same thing on my 94 autom Tracker.
ill guess less hard now.
a photos shows what it is and is not.
"dont know where you car is, usa or Canada." In Canada. Yes your page make it clear.

Thanks, John
the hood sticker (open hood) look up, and under and see this? (if hood is original you will)

the underhood sticker look like this.? or have maple leaf stickers/?
note usage of words "US EPA regs." or the word California? (this is market 3, USA FED calif , market 33)

but then there is this oddity...
this one is sneaky, just says "FEDERAL" (see maple leaf? bingo for Canada smog compliance) this is a market 28 car, canada.

is car smog checked, that is the only real question. ?
changes everything, if true.
the Track-kicks
all have spare connectors all over car.
for options not opted day 1.
or owners ripping things out.?
here is a page i made long ago to answer most of these questions.

things on this car that must match, your country are: (N.American)
EGR parts
exhaust parts, (manifolds) and in USA a 3 way Catalyst.
O2 sensors
harnesses that match above.

"What is it for and where does it connect?"
the thermoprobe allows the ECU to pass the Calif. NOX rules. EGR nitrous oxide, emission laws there.
when the ECU opens the EGR valve , under load, (moving) it then check the EGRT temperature readings, if wrong it throws DTC 51, if missing 53.(on some)
ON usa cars this error, trips the CEL lamp on to glow running.
on cars outside USA, the CEL many not glow.
The other cars use MAP sensor vacuum drops, to detect EGR function. but not in Calif, they rejected this technique...
ON some real Canadian cars, there are no EGR tests (called Monitors) at all, the valve operates blindly.
I connects to the EGR (calif version) EGR main valve.

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