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will my '90 engine work in a 92?
I have both but the 92 sidekick has bad compression and the 90 is too rusty but engine is good.
is it a 8valve engine, mixing 8v with 16v is very hard. radial diffs , and EFI.
the 90 is 8v. so if the 92 is 8v, swap long blocks.
Yes both are 8 valve
1.6L 90 in a 1992 car is great. (the engine number is on the lower left lower bell flange, G16Lxxxxx (L = the letter for year) G13 were used in 1989.....
USA, rules.....
just keep the old parts, intake manifold , and exh, man and all electronics the same. just replace , the long block, neat, (just block and head swapP
the 89 has unique parts,
throttle body, and injector and ISC, ECU.
and intake manifold and sensors.
see the unique man. here.

[Image: manifold%20differences.jpg]

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