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obd 1
my obd1 plug in has no power for me to see if i have a code on it..i have a 1991 tracker 8 valve..anyone have schematics for the wiring for this
no power, the 91 has DLC next to the battery there is no power there, like in 1996+ cars.
its just a 2 pin jumper seen here, infact the page is a 91 geo.
as you saying the DLC is missing,?? it has black cap on it , if still liike new.
if its missing the harness would be hacked all to hell here.
see the red body here, its a 1991 geo tracker, verbatim.

nope its still there..im having a bad loss of power issue for no reason i shut truck off and start again and its fine
intermittent problems, are no fun.

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