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91 tracker seat belt lite glows when you turn on headlights
i have the same problem...my blinks...and blinks...when i turn the headlights on it comes on for 15 seconds then goes out
the alarm module , must have power,
the time out is the seat belt time out. it many time out for HL too, I never tried that, i just slam off the fast.

the module may be a tad dumb, if you have more than one input wrong.? 1 beeper it has, and 5 faults , i must admit ive never tired every permutation of fault. 25 possible?
check all pins to it, i bet one or more pins are in the wrong state (voltage)
page 12 ,in this PDF, (whole car there) is the alarm module.

normal key on. is?
pin 1- 0v setbelt secure.
pin2- 0v (park lamps off) and HL too.
pin3- out to lamp seat alarm
pin4- 12v for key inserted? (not sure)
pin5- 12v power
pin 6- 0v door switch. grounds with door open , 0v closed.
pin 7- 0v. ground

make sure all voltages are correct before wondering if the alarm acts odd. i forget logic on pin 4 sorry.
mine all check out good now..and the beeper go out w/ seatbelt fastened. but the light keeps on for 15 seconds then out.
headlights left on will beep with door open ONLY if key was on then off before opening the door but thats ok it works. good enough

key in beeps anytime w/ door open key on or off..
i haven't tried w/ headlites on ets but like i aid it all check out good the key in switch is grounded if i remember w/ key in but could be wrong
the belt minder is 6sec, lamp each key insert and then buzz if not buckled.
the HL minder can be fooled, an oddity.

even searchable in adobe pDF (control+F) search "minder"
well maybe it working now then hahahaa// only works when ignition is ON then OFF... all is well in the land of TRACKER

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