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1996 Geo Tracker (2wd) front hub
My wheel bearing on the drivers side (left side sitting inside car) is bad. I would like to replace the whole hub to make things easy. All I can find online are hubs for the newer sidekicks/Vitara.

I see on this site that they’re mentioned as being non serviceable, but what about compatibility for using the newer hubs?

Since the car is rear wheel drive I hope this simplifies part compatibility.
sorry for that,
well 2004+ up are integrated, hubs, in fact no bearings sold here.
but your car is 89 to 98 hubs, and have press in beariings.
I have no idea how to use 2001+ hubs on any 1996. sorry

2wd hubs just have a cap that covers the place the axle end fits.

suzuki sells 96 hubs, for crazy high prices , naked totally.


ACdelco did but STOPPED, FW252 not made now. fw253 with abs ring, that can be remove easy for no ABS.
but is not made.

what we do is buy the bearing hand it to the PRESS man, and say press out old , and press in new. that is the normal way.

my hub bearing page covers all this and pitfalls.


see drawing #4 and 2wd hub above. and iD #3, 2wd drive hug cap.

why not just press in new bearings
nobody here posted that 2001+ hubs will fit ,not yet. They still are crush bearings and are torqued near 180foot/lbs. no cheating that.

lots of post here on HUBs, (wheel bearings and locking axle hubs)
the 2wd hub is same as 4wd for your year.

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