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Hitch with 2" receiver
Hi, are there any options out there for a hitch with a 2" receiver for a '93 4dr Sidekick? All I can find while searching is Class 1 hitches with 1¼" receivers, which I assume is due to the low towing capacity of the Sidekick.

What I want to do, though, is install a hitch-mounted bike rack. All but the smallest of these are 2", which must be due to the bending forces or tongue weight, as opposed to the total towed weight.

Has anybody found a solution that works short of making their own, or is this a bad idea for some other reason?

the car is rated 1000lbs load.
so is a matter of law,. imagine selling it, someone getting killed, and the sued.
so its home made thing, ask a welding shop that is rich in 100million insurance or ignorant of the law..
DIY time.
you can see they are not sold in stores, rockauto or even ebay, for good reasons.
do as you want but remove it if you sell the car....
buy this, cut box , weld 2" on. (i'm not judgmental here, just facts)


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