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1995 Tracker Rear Diff Locker Install and Leak
Installing Rear Locker + Leak

Next project is installing the LOCK-RIGHT locker I just got from LowRange. I also bought a full rear diff/axle rebuild kit.

Was told that I need a press to press the new bearings into the axle, which I do not have. I am also not experience in this.

I just stop by a axle/diff shop and got a quote of $500-$700 to have this done, but they are booked for two weeks.

I just wanna jump and get it done. Will be search forums, you tube videos, etc for help in this. The lock-right install seems pretty easy. The current diff is leaking in front, just behind the u-joint, so need to figure that out.I assume I already have the needed parts in the kit i bought.

Any help is appreciated.
1995 Tracker

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The leaks are bad seals.
here is the free shop manual, from GM, not fake like chiltions or haynes.
this is the most tricky job IMO of any.
the center bearings must be centered and last play set and the tooth pattern correct. 3 things at once,
takes skills to do all that. but read these, see whats up.
sure the locker maker low balls the job (labor details and special tools)?, they sell more kits with understating the job.
page 29 it starts to get harder, see that, ok?


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