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Carburetored 1989 Sidekick vacuum Valve
rare can be valuable or not.
only buyers set value.
rarity is mostly pain.
x10 that on CALIF C.A.R.B laws. or ARB for short today, calif air research board, or CALIF EPA. (there are 2 EPA here CAL and FED.) and CAL is more strict.
and parts.
tires brakes, hoses belts and shocks, glass , struts , wiper, and the like easy , other parts not so easy or near impossible ,try to find w4d front wheel bearing hubs yet>? (the thing under the discs)
next time driving around,
count the pre 1990 cars seen on the road.
be patient , it might take days.
If it was easy I would. do that. (just sold a 1967, perfect mechanical s)
My next car will be 1930. shopping now. (after sell the boat)
My car actually did fail smog on the visual inspection because of this valve being clearly broken. The technician fortunately declared it a no test, and did not charge me. It’s becoming clear that this car is no longer viable so I think I have no choice but to donate it and move on. It’s too bad because there is really no other small Jeep like vehicles out there, at least sold in the USA. Thanks for the help on this!
the best ones IMO, are 8valve and 91 to 95, TBI. (lots of parts all fit those great 5 years, including ECUs )

or any with TBI, yours is the carb car, no carb car is good in calif, (its not that the car is bad, it's Californial)
That is correct no small jeeps unless it's a jeep, ever seen old CJ, they are small. not this small but are small.
but the same CALIF thing happens, on all older 75'+ cars, if Carb'd.
best is when buying car , buy them with the CALIF, smog checked off, is that not the law there how?????(it was)
did you find this car in a barn?
best is to look in autotrader.com find one. or the like.
These cars can be expensive. due to 2 things, RARE and DEMAND, , drive one in deep snow, lots of fun, and mobile as heck. Like I said the Canadians love them.
a friend sent this short VID.

sell or trade the car to persons living in
Alabama – No test

Alaska – No test
Arkansas – No test and so on this list his huge.
Nevada is close, and some counties are smog test free.


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