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Carburetored 1989 Sidekick vacuum Valve
i know some folks look at a TBI go carb, but if you saw a 1.3 carb you'd never forget that POS. (horror and no parts)
Here’s a picture of the Engine with a view of the carburetor

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omg it is. you poor soul.
these carbs are super hard to get going (and I'm ex carb guy) parts part parts. hard to find.
we have like zero carb cars posted in this forum due to carb dies , car is done for...
or gets upgraded to harley CV carb, and only offroad . but in calif , are not all cars offroad, must be certified,?
is see your VSV left , is broken off filter.
omg google finds my photos from 12 years ago
I forgot where I put it and google finds it, what a joy...
those parts are carb parts Ill look up the correct p/n for that vsv.
this photo of carb 1.3l sidekick is super rare.
very few running , and licensed.
G13 carb vsv P/n all.

next we need the hood sticker
this car was sold for CaLIF, and for FEd,
the hood opens you look up and see a sticker. underneath it ( at suzuki they would do this)
or you will get wrong parts. 1/2 the time.
here is one 1989 CALIFORNIA certified car.

due to blury photos can tell if 1.6 or 1.3Liter
so there are 4 engines and 4 smog parts (and laws) 2 carb, 2 TBI
once we know that correct part number I can find easy
ahh engine family ksk16 or ksk13.

here is the parts page

[Image: 3_22_02_19_2_43_31.jpeg]

but you have the p/n now and can google the world for this rare part.
63a00 is for the carb car.
east coast

SE413 is sidekick 1.3L, at GM I can not even find GEO listed, below 1998.
Wow I didn’t know I had such a rare car! A real collectors item! Thanks again for the helpful information! There is no sticker under the hood on my car. The vin in the paperwork is JS4TA51C5K4101074.
rare has many forms,
if you sold this car in canada they'd go nuts bidding on it, they 1, love them 2, there rusted to dust (salt belt H3LL ) long ago.
suzuki (you do know suzuki went chapter 11 here and ended all new car sales , right>?
And GM only stocks Suzuki parts, with GM P/N branding ,even same ECU. The missing hood sticker states made by SUZUKI on a GEO car tracker.
GM< has parts but finding them there is hard. (many GM web pages avoid GEO name or Chevy tracker totally now)
and that if you looked at the pages there (both), most parts there are now DISCONTINUED, they do have parts sold from suzuki online warehousing in USA.
the sticker is gone because last person crashed car and wrecked hood and new hood has no sticker or the car was painted and old sticker remove but it did not fall off I bet, but who knows.
We see 1 tracker/sidekick , 1 a month here in Texas, they are in fact very very rare here, (super rare and many part are not found here)
Ok JS4
code 5 means G13 (year later code 5 is J20 engine,circa 1999)
K code means year 1989
code 4 in 410 is plant code. 4 = Assembly plant , Iwata Japan , now you know was imported from REAL JAPAN,
see this?
as you may not know but in 1989 the USA EPA began banning all carb cars in USA, and G13 were first to be banned, with TBI the results. (G16A TBI, 1989)
learn that not banning them in time, the fines here are HUGE. (one of the reasons SUZUKI left usa is that, EPA BS.)
so very few 1989 G13s carb cars exist and even less with carbs working now(like magic?) or fully removed and a nice HARLEY CV carb fitted out.
super rare.
you do know there are no carb parts now, right? so if one part inside breaks (as all have now) there is no fix. (finding used carbs wow)
many of these cars are now only offroad in 49 states, (calif , IDK but I think very hard there) with huge modifications to dump that silly carb to the curb. (no better choice is there)

your car was made in the first 3 months of 1989 , J means made in japan and not CANADA CAMI plant in April start up there. C vin is canada.

The big problem with your car is its G13 engine, with a carb.
I hope you can find carb parts. I do not think so.
very few carb cars are legal on the road. Unless deemed exempt in many stated, but not CALIF.
most cars are covered there 1979 up, IIRC. (calif air research board rules)
How to license can car there 1979 to 1989 is very heard there. with carbs. (for sure modified or with parts missing)
some cars in calif , there is very hard now visual inspection, that can fail you with just and eyeball there.
in other states we only need to pass the IM240 roller and sniffer test at 15mph and 25mph.
if the EGR works and the CAT IS NOT DEAD YOU CAN PASS.

THIS is all I known on 89 and for sure G13s...
engine code 5 is 1.3L carb.

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