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Mystery hub???
I have been fighting a problem for waaay too long. Partially due to my lack of time to work on my car and partially due to weirdness of parts and poor information.
My gut is telling me I will find more knowledge here than where I have been previously looking.
Here is the story......
My 93 Tracker (4WD) started making a terrible front wheel bearing noise. I parked it, then ordered up the parts (bearing set and wheel seals).
Found out it was a little different than other front wheel bearings I had done in the past (1 large race for 2 bearings) and would need to be pressed out. No problem...I call up a friend who has a hydraulic press to help me with this part.
Something goes wrong and he ends up breaking one of the ears off the hub! No worries, just get a new hub, right? Not so easy, it seems! I end up searching for a good used hub and end up buying one from a local guy who specializes in parting out Trackers and Sidekicks.
I get my new hub and start cleaning it up to put the new bearings in. First thing I notice is this hub uses 2 separate bearing races! I ask about this and told "your old hub was aftermarket, this one is OEM". I ask the guy I bought it from if he has any that use the 1-piece race and he tells me all the ones he has are the same as what he sent me.
With a little more research I come to find that my bearings will work and I just need different races. Thanks to the internet, I am able to identify and order just the bearing races that I need. Success!!
Now I am down to the seals. I notice my old hub uses and inner seal and a thin "outer" seal (still on the inboard side of the hub). My new hub does not have the machined surface to accommodate this thin outer seal. Maybe not a big deal.
So, I go to install my inner seal and it seems a little big. I get out my caliper and it is .050" larger than the ID of my hub. That seems like an awful lot! ID of the hub is 2.675". Wheel seal I am using is part # 710239.
I ask about this and the only response I get is "there is a special tool to install wheel seals". I am already aware of this (not my first rodeo).
Now, here I am with a hub, bearings installed, and not sure what wheel seal to use??
Not sure what this hub came off of, exactly.
I would greatly appreciate any insight!!!
Thanks Smile
welcome 93 4wd.
that is not sidekick hub at all, or tracker or vitara 1989 to 1998, sorry but those bearing hubs are hard to find and worst now,
if you look on rockauto you see what, nada, that is because nobody makes them now. (car-part.com has them used , off wrecks)
next time take rare parts like this to a real shop that does bearings like this,
the bearing has 3 parts, 2 races and center double cone. ok/ they are crush bearings , and not like any other car or bearing hub but jeeps have em as does huge 100,ooo lb semi trucks uses.
my guess is you got sammuri hubs,. who knows, ?
your hubs do not look or work like any car bearing made, please forget cars, and think 4wd, even study what jeeps used for years.
the new cars have bubs.bearings all as one part. so we dont have those.
my page covers 100%


see they HYDR. press blow up at over 10 tons pressure,
so we heat the hubs up and the fall out way more easy.
you can freeze the cup in GF freezer amd heat the hub and hand pound them it no press (if lucky)
cold shrinks the steel cups and the heat expands the hubs.

off my buy parts page is this line
Front wheel bearing hubs (FWBH) is sold by rockauto by AC-DELCO FW252 & Suzuki still sells it $149, see it here !. GM has it for $100

see? that, the ac-delco's ended, no more FW252 hubs,
suzuki has them may be
GM /Geo Trackers are gone see?


now suzuki i looked last year and they ended,I will look now, easy.
the suzuki pn is easy.
note that suzuki now uses the 1996-98 subs ...
43420-50820 (new number)
also there is ABS version 96-98 and you knock of abs ring with a hammer.
so suzuki has them now. (new number pop)

hard to search this part, due to lack of better names my guess is this.
here( the them front hub; not rotor it fits to)

here they are out of japan , check PN very carefully as EBAY uses fluzzy logic, not your friend that. $127 from actual JAPAN.

if you buy used parts from canada did you? you CAN get gray market parts. (illegal cars to import here, non usa smog certified and alien parts max)
they for years imported, suzuki vitara cars, even JDM and Jimny's that have different parts.
if in USA stick to USA parts, and win....
your car came new with
this part, and no other ever.
The fellow i got it from is here in the US. Presumably from a US vehicle, but who knows with used parts.
I was wondering if the late model hub would work (minus the ABS ring)....maybe i will try that if I can't find the appropriate seal
The friend I had press the race is as professional a mechanic as they come, just had a bad day i think.
I recently downloaded a large spreadsheet of wheel seals by size. Hopefully will find the correct one.
Your help and insight is much appreciated!
good luck, finding good hubs now is very hard, for sure used, and good.
the hub you got was wrong
id did not come off any sidekick or tracker, id did not. facts are facts. but is now history.
the bearing is naked on the rear, so a seal must be there.
maybe he gave you 2001 or 2002 hubs and the perminate bearings were pushed out long ago and forgotten.
here is the 2002 hub, (unitized, all in one,) seen here the seals are radically different as is the bearing.
rock has no hubs for 90s cars now. just this...much later.
i do not know if 2002 hubs can be made to fit. sorry.

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