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2001 Chevy Tracker Maintenance Schedule
So I'm at the big 120K.

Does that mean I need to do all the 30K stuff + the 120K stuff?

My little book says I need a canister filter, which the dealership is ordering, it also mentions an air suction filter - which they don't show on any of their parts diagram.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yea, yea, I know, the manual ALSO says X number of miles, or x number of months, if I was going by the months, it would say by a new Chevy by now! =)


PS.. This forum saved my truck, about six years ago, the truck would just stop running, dealer didn't know what to do. I found on here a thread about the cam shaft position sensor. I asked them to replace it. They made me sign in blood that if it didn't fix the problem, I still had to pay for the work. I did and I've gotten another six good running years.
hello DHE and welcome.!
glad to hear that some one helped you,
2001, 2.0 liter or the V6?
the 2.0L the CKP fails , omg behind the flywheel it is, I hope you didnt suffer this fate/horror.
just do 60k then 120k then 180k, (all are 60k miltiples)
but on any old car like this,
its really more....
brakes? first and fluid leaks,.
then hoses and belts?
filters, (air , just eyeball it, looks ok is ok)
fluids? all?
the 60k is more about, belts and lash if solid lifters, and spark plugs, then fluids.
Best is to feel all hoses and look for signs of cracking for sure coolant.

i pay no attention to time factors, just on engine oil, 1 year max, on oil, and less if it gets super bad at say 7k mlies. (engine wear , keyed here , as in older engines dirty up the oil faster...)

Really its safety first then things never to go bad , on the fly.
brakes, and water hoses top my list.
then front wheel bearings. (check them for play and grease seen in the hubs looking ok.)
It's the 2.0L, 2 door, Z (AWD package).

The only other deal killer it had (two years ago), was a bad battery cable.
The connector looked good, but it ohm-ed out as almost open.

yes, the acid wicks down the cable and can do hidden damaged (cut back you'd see green mess, a copper oxide, mess)

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