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Transmission question
Will 1990 transmission work in 1991?Geo tracker 4wd 1.6l.[/size]
the 5speed, 4wd . I think it should the problems come up 1996 when some splines changed, in 4wd parts.
what are talking about, a 5 speed, with transfer case swap or just the 5 speed box only?
Mine is the 91 5 speed 4wd,1.6 with bad transmission,found donor tracker (1990;1.6 4wd)with good trans and bad transfer,was wondering if I could take good box and pair with my transfer case...
i have not touched the 89 box. but. this is what i collected from others and is off my swaps page. (96 rules I do know)
so seems to me you found box is a fit. (transfer cases are the only problem 89-98)
I hope all works perfect for you,
Some things on the top may be different, the reverse switch moved,(? ) no sure but is not a big deal this. or vents, or the shift rail plugs moved, some. but no big deal.

Quote the forums... Transfer case issues.
"The 89-98 tranny is mostly the same form factor, it fits but there are exceptions:
The transfer case changed in 96 with new out put spline changed. (and for sure prop shafts)
Input is the same. to XFR case. input spline count is 23 ,BTW.
All t-case (transfer case or xfr case) input splines from 89 to at least 98 are the same size and count.
T-case output shaft splines are the same from 89-95 (26 spline) and from 96 to at least 98 they are 16 spline.
The output shaft size is 30mm (1.81"). on all."
Thank you for this info.

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