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X90 heater hoses
Well had a good maiden voyage after sorting out my x90, but not without incident,

Smelled coolant for a while and couldn’t find leak, thought I found it prior to heading out, thought it was the heater core so I bypassed it for a quick fix, only to find it’s the hose that goes to the rear of the cylinder head.

I reviewed the drawings and was happy that it was a hose and not the heater core, my one question on this is , the drawing shows a 2 bolt housing with a gasket , I hand not pulled the hose yet to see if it has a hole in it, but the housing with the gasket has me concerned as it’s pretty tight back there?
oh boy x90s,
i guess hose 15 failed heck all water hoses this old are bad. all.
the housing can fail too. with old coolant used goes acidic, and eats that housing to death,seen it.


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