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1989 sidekick crankshaft/camshaft seals replacement
Hi everybody

I want to do some work on my car.
its a 1989, 8 valve, 2dr, mt. sidekick.
want to know:
how to remove the crankshaft pulley
how to replace the front crankshaft seal
how to replace the camshaft seal

there is no difference , on 89-98 G16 engine, in this regard, the post one in this forum has the full 1996 engine manual there,
post 5 of post 1. is here
chapter 6a. http://ge.tt/6gvplbp2

what transmission stick or auto, stick is easier, using 5th gear lock the crank up.

or here
the belt off is first and once that is (pulley is first in the steps)
all else is there


see seal protectors here

the cam seal is the most easy as you remove the back plate there it is , obvious what to do and easy.
the crank seal, what you dont wont to do is cut or nick it as you insert it. as it fits the oil pump face.
the 8v cam has hole in it to lock it with drift pin or marlin spike (navy term) unique to 8v only. to lock cam so cog pulley can come off then back on.

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