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X90 power windows
Things have been going good with the X90 revival and I got into the power window problem I’m having,

just scored a good looking wire diagram for a 96 tracker from fixkick.

Drivers side is ok including power lock. Passenger aka right side. Nothing works , took door panel off and powered the window motor and it worked. But there seems to be no power anywhere on that door.

I’m starting to think the problem could be that the driver side has a problem with a switch. Am I barking up the right tree?
well let see,, (look for bad wires in hinge side of door.?
RH windows. dead motor
all I have is 96, 4door sidekick/tracker schematic and x90 is 2door.
and you are correct the wiring on doors for windows is very odd, and locks worse on newer cars with master child door locks(rear)
see page 31 and shows x90 there 2door page, amazing.

i presume up and down fail both, or stuck UP.
as you can the drivers set of switches, is a permissive logic to the right door. for right door ground. (power is there RH solid full time keyon)
we check 12vdc power to right side first.(easy setup this and if bad easy fix)

so with a voltmeter (any)
the right door windows, switch, pin 1 must be 12vdc all the time. key on, blue wire. if not the wire is cut.

when the right switch is pushed own he red wire goes hot, 12v. to the motor red.
then if that fails, to go to 12vdc then the switch is bad, because blue is already 12vdc.
last is ground switching to motor right.
if the yellow wire is at 12vdc a the rh switch with switched pushed down that a ground failure
that means green/back at the RH switch wire broken to the left door, this whole path can fail.
if you push down and the green -black reads 12vd then this path is broken,

the left door send ground to the greenblack wire full time, hands off left door. switches.
let me know how you do.

So far no power right side door .
that' is the simple one.
12vdc power is on the blue on the right door keyon
of missing the wire is cut, fore sure.
just follow that wire on page 31
that same blue or blue-white wire goes to the left door and that wire is hot there so that wire is in fact cut.
keyon tests, only,work. doors are not live until keyon.
the power is from a thermal circuit breaker , so its ok as the left door works;
1 wire dead, power to right door, a visual can find this, end to end. inspected. (see wires inside break but not the the side for sure at hinge cable.
use needle to probe wire, see where the power ends.

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