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96 geo tracker 1.6.have developed oil leak.cannot find source. oil drips off cat. and it smokes off the converter.i can see no leak?
welcome and cheers, happy new year,.
im in south america now. on vacation hot here on the beach.

3ps, 4sp, or 5speed stick'
4wd"or 2wd

is the oil red? ATF (dexron 3 up)
engine oil , sniff test smells like end of engine dip stick?
the 2 top causes of engine oil leaks are, the 3 distributor rear seals all love to go hard and crack and leak , loves to, never seen on this old not leak.
#2 valve cover gasket and engine tilts rear so it leaks there first.
It's a automatic 4 wd. Will check out your suggestions. Thank you.
those love to leak ATF
try to put clean towel under the leak spot
if red oil, its trans. (assumes dexron 3 up)
easy now/ a paper towel and say 4 pebbles or spare bolts to hold it down from wind in the night.
engines is distrib like or the base housing,then valve cover gasket, never seen on not leaking, most owner just say
gee my car likes to mark things,like my male dog does.

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