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1996 Geo Tracker Load Sensing Proportioning Valve Leaking
I have a 1996 Geo Tracker, 4x4, the Rear Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) is leaking and I cannot find a replacement. I need to replace the brake lines, the rear cylinders, drums, and shoes as well as the front calipers, pads, and rotors. Is there a good swap for a LSPV or a manual version I can use? There seem to be some modifications out there, but I don't want to cause a braking issue with the wrong replacement.
the 2 door and 4 doors are not the same,so which car do you have>?
for on the road driving, ?
the valve prevents rear wheel skids (brake lockup) and by load, so when car has load this valve closes way down.
so this part is suzuki only part, if not found refurb by cardone, or raybestos. etc.
do you need the P/N? and like to suzuki that has it?
the other choice is used at ebay or used at http://www.car-part.com/ wreckers site search. i see 6 valves there only. USA wide. rare they are for sure good more rare.
listed under brake proportioning... there.

let me see if the suzuki part is the same.
the 2 valves are
2door 51930-60a40 $466
4door 51930-56b20 $512 (garden grove Ca. suzuki online price both)
the last 2 digits can change at any time for revisions ! by the OEM.

i have the parts list handy, i do not have GM lists.
I have the 2 door convertible and yes for daily on the road driving. Wow,those are some expensive prices you listed, is there another option like a manual adjusting rear brake proportioning valve? Is this something that can be rebuilt?
yes, the suzuki has parts that nobody sells, at all ,just suzuki.
I do not have any hacking advice, at all.
if the car skids , who gets sued? not me.
talk to these guys.
race cars have parts like this, endless.
dial your own>?
most are SAE parts, threads Imperial inches not mm.

watch out for metric brake parts (adapters may be needed, IDK)


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