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88-95 vs 96-98 soft top compatiablity

There is a very nice new in the box soft top near me. It was purchased for a 88-95 tracker. My tracker is a 98, my soft is nasty and basically garbage. If I keep all the hardware from my 98 top can I make this 88-95 top work?
but what is the brand name, "BestoP" or? and partnumber? on the box.

once brand is known we an go to their web site and look that up.
i fast google scan shows, 95 was the big change year, for fit. 94 old, 95-98 new.
full top> not partial or other bikini tops

you said
It was purchased for a 88-95 tracker.
i thinks this is wrong, it would be 88 to 94. factory fit, bows etc. if the box is 94 that is the wrong top.


read there.


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