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Fuel pump problem-no three second prime or purge
sure the very one i posted is off mouser.
i always the them there, huge selection.
the old nEC is now obsolete.

see ZXMxxxxxxx
in post 27 , this is smart MOS fet, for cars, or anything nastly like cars. (heat and power noise etc) and other abuse.
ive not tested it, but if I could scope the old part (removed )at the old base pin (EBC) id know if it was 3vdc or more base drive,see?
we have no true schematic of this ecu,nobody does. not to this level,
good luck to you...
I will give it a shot. Smile
.I can send you the part after it is removed if you are interested.
hello and greetings to you. G106 substitutions.
what it must do: (spec)
the old part runs in hot say in the desert and 125F all day no problems' (say driving in Death Valley California)
and has what is called super beta, (in English simple, high gain of 1000.) 1ma on base gives you 1000 mA on the collector ( about 10x more that common transistors), in fact this gain is like a 2 transistor "Darlington" device)
the part must hold the relay coil current full time. max of say 500 mA or 1/2 ampere.
now the tricky part the base drive signal while static true (high) is unknown (my scope finds this ,ECU on a bench with 12vdc power pack and 3 connections)
The MOS part shown needs 3vdc GATE drive, to make it turn fully on. (substitute)
the part also allows the nasty back EMF voltage spike from the relay coil. (like the original)

the old wires EBC, emitter base ,collector (bipolar transistors) orig.
the new wires SGD source , gatge, drain, 1 for 1 above to below. S > E, B to G and D to C pins.

if the Gate pin goes to 3 to 5 volt DC, ECU turned on with old transistor then I think my substitute MOS device above will work,.

there are other ways to do this using more simple MOS or BiMOS (transistors) and added 1 protection diode from Drain to source, cathode to Drain.
the Diode protector is called a COiL EMF snubber.
the best part is one that and work with the unknown base drive, I do think this ECU drives THE GATE WITH is 3vdc or better.
( the CPU and port expanded are 5v parts I think , and is the source to drive this q106. (FUEL PUMP RELAY )

This is how I would handle Q106, as this old Suzuki part is now called Unabtainium.

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