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1995 sidekick parts
Is there a place I can get parts
Where you. USA? even your state in USA helps big time, local shopping can find parts.\
Or in Canada.? Parts sources very by country,
the car is called a Vitara , other countries. or in Canada , a Sunrunner., in Spain even a SANTANA.

The car has 3000+ parts, many parts are listed at Suzuki as DISCONTINUED. (GM Geo list has more discontinued, but is still wise to look first UNDER GEO TRACKER)
Not all parts are sold aftermarket.
All the common parts are sold sure, common service parts sold over the counter in local stores. or even rockauto.com , for sure all cars, no?
brakes, belts, hoses,glass, shocks, tires, tanks, pumps, wiper blades , some suspension parts, wheels, rebuilt engines and transmissions are sold but not the 5speed stick shift box,(?) Radio or speakers, starters, alternators. spark plugs, injectors and sensors are all easy to find, as is CaRDON REBUILT ECU (ENGINE EFI BRAIN)


Suzuki went Chapter 11 bankrupt in uSA, so only few parts counters for Suzuki exist, now. GM has parts to but I do not have a list of to cross refrence, SUZ to GEO partnumbers (Trackers)
the 2 suzuki stores are in Calif and New Jersey.
garden grove ca.


if you cant find a part
say so, and ask for help
tell first your country and if really wise your state, parts stores vary by that geographic.

useD parts are on ebay, but do not buy parts from non USA cars unless you are super careful. ask for help, buying specific parts that are not over the counter, as most are not
CAR-PART.COM , web site finds used wrecking yard parts easy..... the dash matters in the web name.
thanks really don't careware they come from i ordered wiper blade arms from Germany not even close to matching might just jb weld the old ones on.
Quote:thanks, really don't care where they come from i ordered wiper blade arms from Germany not even close to matching might just jb weld the old ones on.
you should care . here is why?

sorry but there are no sidekicks made or sold in Germany , only Virata's and Santana's
ours cars are not there's, ok? or DOT (department of transportation laws) are not same in Germany and vast differences exist in this realm, (called markets)
trying to save money on ebaY, will get you the wrong parts, most times. (there are some parts that do fit, of the 3000 parts) Not sure how many.

if buying on ebay, do so using partnumbers, or accurate photos, not stock photos.
There are exceptions to that, on part by part basis, ASK first. or look in rockauto.com first for USA parts. (in order of new to used)

I you are in the usa try this path to parts. in order
1:local stores, try NAPA?
2:rockauto.com , at least to see if there are aftermarket parts for your desired item.
3: Suzuki on line, seen on my hard to buy parts page,.
4: GM (geo)trackers in usa are the same car 99%,
5:Ebay but only USA parts, unless we help you and find the part is the same, many parts not USA are the wrong part, as you just learned. ( i could list a 100 more but wont)
6: at the end of the line and are used parts, (why the end) is http://www.car-part.com/

blades easy.
arms are not easy to find. but suzuki infact sell them as might GM if you look,? ,oops GEM (geo) does not. but I did not look on all 100s of GM sites to answer that, just 1.
but I do have the real SUZUKI Part number on them. (ARMS) front.
here it is.
I will guess FRONT ARMS not rear.
left and right are are same P/N
here it is
4door cars have rear wipers (many do, it is an option just like electric windows)

GM shows no ARMS front in stock. see link below.

here is the arms

id #1 seen here.
takes arm puller to get them off, a special tool. U shaped puller with knob to turn.
the fit tight after 23years.

the shaft they fit are tapered shafts, (and get super tight with age) as do all like that.
fits 92-95 sidekicks and maybe Geo Trackers.
and 96-98
but will not fit 89 to 91 years (all answer by me are USA answers, if not in USA be wise to say so.
my arm was super tight., even hammering side if it would not release the tapered shaft bindup.

this works, with no damage the harder to find parts underneath.


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