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advice needed
hello all,

I have a 1995 suzuki sidekick 4 door jlx. This vehicle has been out of commission for quite a few years. Fuel tank, pump and fuel level sender are shot. I was in the process of getting this thing road worthy, I did order and received the tank. Unfortunately, after doing some reading, found out that parts are hard to find for this vehicle. Just wondering if I should cut my losses now and part this thing out or continue with rebuild. Engine was sound before it got parked by my ex. Fuel Pump seems to be available, Fuel level sender seems to be a little more difficult to find. Will a universal sender work? At this point I am willing to get the fuel system cleaned up and try to get it started. I welcome any advice you gentlemen can provide.
8v or 16valves? what trans? 4 doors OK but, 4wd?
USA car,Calif, car or Canada car (all 3 are made in CAMI canada but that is not the question, the question is sold to question, or market sold to, part if VIN tells that.)

the 2 top sources of parts are rockauto.com and suzuki. (or GM/Geo) Many of the OEM parts are discontinued, but we still lock first, by number)

Fixing dead cars, is not easy, we can't Do many tests before hand.
It is a serial process, mostly. ( like how to test any transmission with dead engine>?, many cars are junked with a dead trans)
sure see if engine can start, if you change fluids, sure.
the tanks come in 2 sizes, deep and shallow, 4doors is deep tank. and the fuel rack must be for the deeper tank.
The fuel sender, is very simple device, a rheostat is all it is. (2 wire , wire wound variable resistor, the issue here is works and not leak fuel)
knowing the fuel sender, partnumber really helps to buy one.

the sender changed in 1995 year and is same with both tanks. deep or not)
34810-60a11 (92-94)
34810-70E00 95 4door only and 4 revisions e00 ,e10, e20, and last 77E10. my guess is you order E00 and the send the newest revision, IDK !

the suzuki
part ID #9 sending Unit


if you look around there you will vast things on this car discontinued.
its good place to look first. or rock auto , but does not have this at ROCK

the test is here on my sensor page reads 3 to 120 ohms Full to empty.


it gets more complex from there.
see this TSB I have on this topic, SENDER.
so what is your tank sender connector color code

so now we see this is complex topic, lots modifications (revision) done here, I see 4 sender or 5 used, those years.
but they changed only the accuracy of the sender it seems. yellow/blue/gray is better sender.

this proves my theory, fixing cars is easy, finding parts that fit , NOT SO EASY.
Sorry, should have been more specific. VIN JS3TD03V4S. 1995 Suzuki Sidekick JLX 4 door, Hardtop , 4X4 16 valve 1.6L. Automatic Transmission. Yes it was the 14 gallon tank. I'm not going to worry too much about the sender just yet. It's pretty much rusted solid, as well as the tank. I'm going to get this running first, and then deal with the issues as they come up. It was a great little vehicle when I had it, did a lot of fishing up and down our local beach. Great on Gas and would get into anywhere and everywhere I wanted to go.
the problem with rusted tanks and bad fuel, is that rust gets into those 10 micron sized screens inside all 4 injectors. (requiring injector shop reverse cleaning to fix $22 each) ask.
the filter on the tank front is about 40micron sized and lets rust go to the injectors.
EFI injection needs clean fuel, all the time.
that is the big problem on any EFI car parked unused for a long time.
the filter is in fact sold by the top 5 fuel filter makers, Wix and Frame both make it and sell, it, but may take, special orders, in stores, as no store has all 1000's filters, on the shelf.
For sure not this very rare car, very few on the road this car. (down south here we see one every 3 months moving on the road, 89/98 years.)
Suzuki never sold the fuel filter bracket, so if bad, has to be hand made.
quoting my tuneup page.
FRAM G7196 /G6678 Wix 33686 ($23.50) at NAPA. and better Deal is Fram at Rockauto.com for $9.95
the transmission on your car is my guess 4 speed,with OD lamp and button and P/S button (power sport) made by Aisin of Japan. like this photo?
Have you looked at rockauto.com yet, even if you dont like them , there pages show you what is made for your car, in the aftermaket. (top branded parts)
here lets to filters. now. see>? that Bosch is tempting, top Brand Bosch is.

are you in Canada? (or IT was bought new there)?
That Vin starts with JS, that means its made in japan. not CAMI plant, canada
all 90 and cars here are with VIN 2CN prefix,
our VIN is on the dashboard, left side just under windshield,. '
if the VIN in on the engine bay firewall, placard, that is gray market sidekick (or Vitara)

see this tag, "?
this is a canada car market car sold to Canadians only ,never USA.
see that oak leaf?


the reason I ask this is that suzuki parts must match this tag, market codes.
lighting ,brakes, wiring and smog parts (EFI parts) vary by country as does the ECU EFI computer, for injection and spark..

in this case bad fuel is top dog.

how many years was it parked,?

codes when buying parts. these silly codes are GM codes but oddly some sellers use the GEO/GM/Tracker codes on real suzuki car. very odd. I call it G16B ,
the code G16KV (GEO codes ) means V for Van, 4 door
G16kC means rag canvas top 2door. C = canvas (funny no?))

the VIN on this car, lacks a valid engine code. Suzuki stupidly use code 0 for G16A (TBI) and G16B MPI engines (aka MFI)
this makes buying parts on line hard, not knowing these facts on engine codes.
The 16v has unique head and pistons and unique EFI end to end unique.
the 8v parts will not work on 16v. so be careful buying parts.
if you run bad fuel in the MPI injectors
you will have to clean them over and over, until the job is done right.
BAD fuel is no good. (nor the damage it caused)
The next steps are full fuel side cleaning rear to front.
so the failure does not repeat endlessly done backwards and serially.

one good deal on injectors is here.
ultrasonic cleaned (reverse flowed to get screens clean)

once the screens are packed in rust or GUNK , only the above, actions fix it.
the 8v TBU screens can be seen and cleaned at home, but not MPI

clean injectors
cleaned and flushed lines fuel
clean tank rust and gunk free, and sorry no rusted pump racks nor rusted senders in the tank allowed. or job repeats, endlessly. see whY?

one other problem on these cars, and worst now so old. (salt water ocean or salt on the roads make this 10x worse too)
are the fuel filter banjos, are rusted and simple fix on earth can get them to stop leaking once the filter pulled.
suzuki does have the fuel lines to fix that line problem, at suzuki.com but you will not like the prices, at all.

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