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Kick down cable remove???
Mine is also 4x4 forgot to add that.

Also i thought about dropping the rear trand support but realized that you must drop the exhaust too.. i chose to leave it in. My exhaust header back is all brand new. With that in mind i still didnt want to mess with it... couldn't imagine old crusty rusty exhsust trying to remove it.. nope
ah yes, 4wd makes it harder, with 2 prop shafts and lower any tranny with those connected.
yes, the exhaust is in the way, on some.
yes , working on AT boxes, in car, is super hard. 4speed worst.
I hope your leaks all stop, and are easy to fix. (cheers to you)
and thanks a million for photos' others will love seeing how hard this can be. just a cable.
that why, they can plan ahead, that sure is a tight spot to work.

Just fixed my jeeps, steering wheel clock spring after the recall guys broke it (DANG). $700 dealer fix, me fix $100 (HOW CAN THEY CHARGE $600 FOR 1 HOURS LABOR/?)
They earned stealership moniker.
(10-17-2018, 03:05 AM)Rapom Wrote: ... couldn't imagine old crusty rusty exhaust trying to remove it.. nope
Good call. I need to replace a header pipe, and I'm putting it off as long as possible.

(10-17-2018, 03:29 AM)fixkick Wrote: $700 dealer fix, me fix $100 (HOW CAN THEY CHARGE $600 FOR 1 HOURS LABOR?)
This is exactly why I'm starting to do all my own mechanical work. Except maybe exhaust. Takes me a long time to earn that $600. Very grateful to find this helpful site.

I'm late to Rapom's party, but want to suggest that the next time you need an oddball o-ring, try an old-fashioned hardware store. There's one near me that even stocks metric o-rings--found a perfect replacement for the dipstick tube.
Well i gave it alot of time this time.. im officially calling it! The leak is gone! It was the damn o ring on the kick down cable this entire time! Well now i can finally move on to the next issue. Theres alot that needs mending.
great to hear !
those AT boxes can be super hard to seal up, some even have casting flaws. (GM are noted for that)
happy trails and cheers !

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