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Transfer case with a transmission change
I am currently working on a 1996 Geo tracker 2 door soft top. It currently has a 5 speed manual and I am converting it over to a 4 speed automatic with overdrive, 03-72LE, the differential was a 4.3 ratio... Are the transfer cases different? I also have a differential from a 2000 tracker 5 speed, would this be better in any way?
wow what a huge job that is.
harnesses for 4speed
TCM in dash, no no harness there fits it.
transmission mounts different/
transfercase same but not that adaptor. but yours is 2wd. so the transmission is setup for 2wd only.(with a 2wd main rear shaft)
drive shifts different.
different shifter and all related parts. even body difference. I think.

no the 5 speed runs 5.12:1 axles. some 4speeds do too.,
the autos do not run that. but would run slower and lower MPG in overdrive.

id sell it, and then buy auto car.
saving huge labor costs and endless parts hunts for now rare parts. 22 year old.

not sure on 2000, its whole other generation car.\

many vitara/kicks, many years and countries. lists of axles.

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