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1995 Tracker bog issue
where did you get this new maf,, off fleabay?
MAF is very hard to test , lacking source of powerful air flow , very hard to test.
seems the new maf is bad to me.
the unplugging of the maf puts ECU in to MAF simulation mode,
seen lots of fake MAFs sold, some are good some are bad, and the suzuki one is $1000?
sure try another ecu but if that fails back to maf

try your maf's on other sidekicks>
this engine will have no power with a bad maf. or weak maf.
its a key device for power, (air flow is measured, and matching fuel to that flow is injected)
engine ok, fuel pressure ok, maf simulation test works.
must be maf.
sparks ok or maf simulation would fail. too.
sorry if you 2nd maf is bad, truly. sorry. not fun that. ever.
maybe I can get friend to let me put my MAF on his Wife tracker 16v it hers still runs fine then I know not maf, his sidekick 8v

oh maf was from amazon. i figured if maf was bad check engine light would come on, it does come on when I unplug it but goes off when I plug it back in.
looking on rock auto the maf sensor has multiple Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1380065D00, 30020654, FP3913215, FP3913215R00, FS1E13215, FS1E13215R00, they are for mazdas up to 2003 trackers, looking on autozone, orielly etc. my 95 has a different part number and much more expensive than the mazda or 2002 chevy tracker maf's. they look the same and according to rock auto walker maf they are all the same. is this correct?
LOOKS DO NOT MATTER, what matters is , correct maf for your G16b
and none of the above numbers are correct. at all.
is your car, USA car?
8v cars have no MAF at all it uses MAP sensor,
do not try to mix up MAFs or risk blowing the ECU to hell, oK> some mafs use 12v outputs. and very bad for your ECU that.
in the USA there is only one maf that fits this car, just one, and (1 suzuki number and one for GM/.GEO) and not others work. ok?
the USA car is MAF, in Europe it is a VAF
your old maf has suzuki (mitsubishi or hitachi) number on the side casing and is 58B00: ends in this number.
in Europe 57b00 (van air flow ) sensors used and are not MAF at all. and will not work in USA.

ahh is see you looking at walker parts, see this,65D00 that is the wrong sensor, there, that number is 1999 to 2003 car, and will never work on your car.

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1380065D00, 30020654, FP3913215, FP3913215R00, FS1E13215, FS1E13215R00
65D00 = dead WRONG
here is the correct part, just so you know and see it. and the huge price

finding good
Suzuki Genuine Factory Part
Part Number: 1380058B00
is not easy, many sellers sell the wrong part, like above, for 1999+ cars.
your car is 1992-1998 ranged, G16b ALL USE SAME MAF 1380058B00

I for sure can not tell you what non suzuki parts (aftermarket) work, not me and is moving target.

the numbers break down like this, 13800 = MAF code. means mAF
the end code is what kind of maf it is, and there are many, 58B00 is for our engine only. G16b (early)


see that big list of parts
one may work, IDK, only luck matters. buying aftermaket parts, Id avoid EBAY and only buy from sellers that allow returns. (my rule on mafs)
watch out for amazons dirty trick of booking orders from CHINA direct. and not telling you ,until after paying for it. 60days later, you get it/
the check engine light will come on only if the MAF is DEAD ! Totally DEAD, and goes to limphome mode, (with magic maf simulation)
stuck at 5v
stuck at 0volts
there is no DTC error for weak MAF (but there 02 stuck error)
do not confuse, old 1990s cars with USA cars 1996 and newer, the are not in the same league, at all, (apples and oranges)

OBD1 is simple and crude, it has no fancy fuel trim warning like the 1996+ do.
all your car has is the rare code 52 DTC, error. for stuck 02. that is it.
no advance fuel trim errors, like OBD2, has, (too rich too lean) sorry

the only test I have for maf is using leaf blower or huge shop vacuum cleaner to create, huge air flows.
I got 3vdc out with my shop vac.
I did not try for 4vdc, using a more powerful leaf blower (gas)
Suzuki does not publish the full spec, on this maf, ever. sadly.
but here is my educated guess at such a plot, (based on lots of MAF documents, I have)
my guess at flow. (we know the CEL lamp glows for MAF error stuck at 4.9vdc (so the dynamic ranges
2 to 4 volts out
my highest ever measured gm/sec air flow was 60. (was trying very hard to max out my MAF doing this test)

[Image: EXCEL-ECHO1.jpg]
note the non linear nature of the maf. above.
the ECU has table inside that converts this non linear live air flow data to real air flows, and that is why a toyota sensor is no good, for that 1 reason and more.)
weak MAFs happen , not just dead.
even dirty MAFS fail until cleaned.
my wild guess is that this maf can do more flow, than any G16b made can do.
my guess is it can do 75gm/sec. flows. or up to say 4.5vdc out. but not 4.9vdc , DTC trip point.
if you maf is weak you can not gain 95HP ever.
so I take it your saying the walker or SKP SK2451155 maf that rock auto and others offer will not work?

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