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1998 one peice manual hub disassembly help

I’m familiar with the old style hub with the removable centre, but this 1998 fixed one has me stumped. It all started with a very hard to turn dial, and clicking when in FREE.

I started to take it apart, popped out the coiled lock ring thing and the white rubber/plastic peice. Then I took out the spring, the metal part that goes over the CV spline and the gear that surrounds that.

This is where I’m stumped. The dial is still very very hard to turn and I can’t disassemble it any further. I have everything soaking in some paint thinner hoping that will loosen it up. The hub is clicking when I spin the wheel or spin my finger inside with it the hub off. It works fine but the clicking really irritates me. I hope it can be saved...

Can I slap on an old style 2 peice hub from a 97 sidekick?? I have a few kicking around but I’d have to swap 2 so they match.

98 sidekick 1.6L not 1.8L
the wheel bearing hub (heavy part) are all the same
the 1996+ all splines changed. (transfer case for sure)
should fit,.
click info here, shows year fit aisin hub

Yeah they are off a 2 door... 1.6

So I managed to get the whole thing apart and cleaned and lubed with some white lithium grease. The hub is still pretty stiff to turn. It’s also hard to turn the splines with my finger, if I remember correctly the inside part should spin with little to no resistance. The clicking is gone but it still doesn’t seem 100%.
Another thing that doesn’t seem right... if I lock the hub it just clicks and doesn’t engage the CV shaft until I moved the wheel slightly counter clockwise. I think these hubs might be toast. Going to throw the 2 peice ones off the old sidekick on.

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