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96 Tracker idle bleed screw missing
So, another fun thing I found on my 96 Tracker, the idle air bleed screw on the throttle body (http://www.fixkick.com/IDLE-AIR/16V-Tbody1w.jpg ) is missing, and it looks like somebody has jammed a wood dowel in there to block the hole.

Before I get that wood out (!), anybody have an idea where I might find a replacement screw to put in there, on my journey to get this car to idle correctly?
1996 Geo Tracker LSi, 3spd automatic, 1.6L 16 valve
it is a custom made screw the is really an air valve.
only thing that fits is off another throttle body. the tread is metric, too. only 1.6 liter, not 1.8. both tracker and sidekicks same , and come on A/T and M/T forms, (2 cables on A/T)
This screw sets idle duty cycle, to 50% so the ISC can control idle speeds, 800 hot. (no AC on)

ebay"? i see none, car is getting more rare each day ,sadly... try car-parts.com (autowrecker hot line) use the dash in the URL here or get the wrong place.

here it is.... i see $40 one there,,, lots..... call em/?

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