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g16a no injector signal, error code 14
(10-06-2018, 05:20 AM)likaon Wrote: ok, update.
Piggy plugged in, squirt taken from ignition, ve table set to 30 on 800 to 900 first, then to 2000 rpm, map sensor mpxXXXX.
It runs but...., squirt indicates 30ms, small black smoke from exhaust, but not a oil burn smell.
Narrowband lambda not connected, tomorrow i will connect it and tune , it's not too lean, for sure Wink

very good.
and very interesting
there is mega-tuner APP., that allows you to drive and tune.
It can be setup to tune over and over, and progress , like doing it flat ground then climbing hills.
to generate the best TUNE MAPs possible with no DYNO time needed.

lots of fun you are having, enjoy!

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