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Front wheel hub 4wd
Hi everyone!
I have a 93 Tracker and one of my front wheel bearings went kaput.
Did some reading, ordered the bearings and the special tool for the nut, no prob.
Friend was going to press the race into the hub for me...caught the edge of the hub and cracked it. Now i am finding these are very unavailable!!
So, any advice on finding a replacement hub? Can i modify a 2001 or newer hub to work?

Thanks in advance!
ouch that took over 10tons of force.
well they are not so easy to find, (new or used, or upgraded)
suzuki sells them new, only you wont like the price. is this about cost?
im not sure the upgrade works. I have ever tired it , the one poster here that try this never reported back so.... hands in air. there.
every thing i know on this topic is here.

the other post here, we found that ACDelco stopped making them... 89-98 years. ended
if you go to rockauto.com the are non there. sure the 2001 and newer 2006 generations are there.
GEO changed to 2001 hubs in a different year, making match ups harder near the years 2000.... yup a pain, for those years only.
same p/n 89-95, , changed in 96 to allow ABS ring and new axles/spline counts.
GM may have it ,did you ask GM/ (GEO) this.
Suzuki # 43421-60a00 is the correct part. (same part left and right) same part 2wd/4wd/2door and 4door. {no ABS yet} (lucky you, and did not say)
$188 at suzuki now. (I do not have the GM partnumbers now)

so not so rare, just the aftermarket hates susuzki's this old. it is and under dog car, after all,
here is an ADD to cart link, not sure if this works. but...

car-parts.com (autowreckers networks)
have parts used.
they dont have front wheel bearing hub as a choice. so not too good to search.

upgrade (if possible) why not buy one and see if it fits. (I would have, in this case then took it back if not fit)
there is no other-way, but other forums have discussed this

ebay, i see no hubs, now, (usa) era correct. (early)

advanced Auto shows AW413, then says may not fit. not only that those parts are NOS< new old stock, ACDelco stopped making this part.

Im in the ACdelco master catalog, there is no such parts, FW at all.
they also made FW252 and 253s, for susuzu too, for some years, no idea the match up lacking old catalogs but they did, (DID)
ACdelco now uses new partnumber( yes, more madeness)
If i look in the book with due care , i learned that the hubs ended before 2001, both GM(geo) and sidekicks Suzuki, so there is no tracking this, lacking old books from them. (I dont have GM)
FW252 was the match I think,... back when. 253's for ABS.
so try them you tell us, be the first?

[Image: hub-with-races.jpg]
2001(suz first year)
[Image: 3_31_05_18_8_54_19.jpeg]
one way is go to any auto wrecking yard.
walk in ask them to find this part in their network
they also have this magic software, (DB) called Hollanders?(sp) that looks up cross over parts. my guess this will show 89-95 or 98 for a hit) (no jeep parts fit here)
let them find the part used, but my guess they will charge $200, they know the new price and start there and you dicker down.

here is the only post I can find on the web. on topic (one guy reports have this, found on used car)
seems , to work?. or one guy who does not do is own work, said, his , mech said had to DIE GRIND something,,, so we can see 1 guy with it, how they did it , unknown.?

maYBE its just the abs ring he had to cut off. as expected if fitted 2001. the locking hubs base ring seems the same.
the abs tone ring just needs pry off, its pressed on only?, but not sure if there are tack welds, look first.
the other issues are (offsets (oh boy, im clueless) and the inner hub inside, that holds the axle end bearing, and fits to the main hub bearing side, inside.

why not just try your self? the be first top say? in details?


the suzuki nut is same p/n out to 2003 (if you have nut and not the crazy GEO spring nut thing, do you?)
The inner hubs that big nut fits is same till 2003. the inner hugs (no abs ) are the same 96 with rollers until 2003.
on that year, they added a newer, main inboard axle bearing from bushings to real rollers bearings( 4wd became serious that day ))
I looked at all related P/n parts and can not see a contention on this IDEA< but hands on, is a whole other matter.

I now think it fits, but , again doing is not same as what I just stated above.
I do know I would have tried , $160 saved buys the Suzuki tool to do this right. 130 to 180ft lbs crush on the crush bearings.
hint the upgrade does not end the crush bearing rules. ever.
the practice today is to stock only ABS hubs, (less stock, that way, huge vast saving to all end to end,world wide...)
then the mech pounds off that ring. in like 5 mins work.
for the non ABS car.

keep in mind that there are many makers of said hub
how hard to pound it off can vary, even tack welds or locktite compounds there that need 300f to heatup and remove? who knows"? right, its only brakes, LOL
so he might grind it off, to make it more easy to pound off.

YMMV, YHMV, your hub may vary.

in my shop it be pressed off with a real press..
but that is me.

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