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Cranking No start, no spark, <12v at FI fuse
have you ck spark out of the coil

(05-15-2018, 11:01 PM)Perry Wrote: My 1998 2 door tracker (1.6) was sitting about a week. I went to start it and it sputtered for about 1-2 seconds and has even tried to fire since. Consistent cranking, fast since I have a new HD battery for my winch.

I checked all my fuses for continuity, all good. Then I tested for voltage, key on (CEL on when cranking/key on FYI)

IG-coil - 12v
Tail dome - 12v
FI - ~7v

Fuel pump runs, but when I pull a lead off the distributor while cranking I se no spark (sorry I don’t have a spark tester will buy today).

I then swapped out the fuse box for a good known unit, same thing about 7 volts on the FI fuse with KEY ON.

No noticable corrosion on fuse box or connectors that plug into it. Although the plug underneath towards the front (my base model only has 2 plugs in fuse box) was hard to pull out.

Any ideas?
have you checked for spark out of the coil ?

he fixed, it already, engine runs.
he is fine tuning spark timing now.

he has spark.
he is at the timing freeze jumper trick now.

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