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intermittent stall-outs
04-29-2018, 11:05 PM
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intermittent stall-outs
96 geo tracker 4x4 16v 2 door sometimes runs great and then just stalls as if you turn off ignition. Repair and replaced crank keyway, new timing belt, plugs ,wires, cap, rotor ,cleaned erg, and all passageways, intake and exhaust, new cat, fuel filter, 02 sensors, upstream and down. don't have access to code reader at the moment, even check engine light is intermittent. mileage shows 145ish. driver side taillight connections look good. also new battery cables, cv shafts, struts and shocks, tires ... Still cant get good ground at drivers side dome switch. Passenger side fine. no key chime, I know because is connected with driverside door switch, duh I'm about tapped out . Also, Cleaned plenum and noticed I had more carbon build up on intake side than exhaust. Twice I ran a quart of lacquer thinner with a full tank of fuel thru her as Scottie suggested.Previous codes were 02 sensor and egr recirculation. Don't recall the code #. CEL is now intermittent and yes, I know I need to check code history now. May as well spend some more on good code reader. any 0bd2 suggestions?
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04-30-2018, 03:01 AM
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RE: intermittent stall-outs
96, 2door , just like the one i restored. 5speed or automatic trans?
no code reader makes fixing modern cars 10x time more hard, and in this case, for sure. it saw a problem then lost it.
The OBD2 cars , you need to not use the CEL lamp, if off, it lies, only using a real scan tool , can you see pending codes, and freeze frame.
that is because many codes only store after 3 long driving sessions.
the dome light is bad, simple as pie, it has power the lamp is ok but the switch fails to touch the local ground, if the lamp works in test mode the the lamp is ok and the door switch is bad,
the chime if not defeated at chime, must see the door switch open, if not the switch is bad, (that means wires too it, in all cases of all electrics)

lacquer thinner will wreck any injector. never do that, so sorry, i did not know he said that, ever, only use Techron, cleaner, nothing ever from Home depot , in the paint department ,on ANY CAR.
ok code 02 but which one? there are like 5 codes? even simple heater dead codes, never fail to write down codes, DTC. keep them. on paper.
The O2 will not stall the car,
but of the O2 code for super lean shows, well that matters. all codes matter, ever ONE< and for sure PENDING CODES.
Pending means show me the codes failing even though at this moment you the ECU do NOT want to store it, and in CANADA trackers, it wont store misfire, read page in 96fam (stick) on code p0300 see that canada column (A type USA, B type canada) yea, no cell glows in canada for misfire, and is CRAZY dumb that.

i wish for better symptoms first
all I have above is stalls.

stalls when?
hot /cold engine
parked, movining, or only in one gear, or only on hills or only flat ground or any time, or only hot soaked at 7/11 come out and it wont start or stalls only hot soaked?
stalls with foot deep on the right pedal>?
the #1 cause of stalls, are EGR P0400s, EGR main sticks open, even after cleaned they do that, with 100k miles in anY EGR, (this era)

its not dirty plenum,. sorry. never that. (only if the plenum blocks open the throttle valve TV and make it race fast is that a problem.
I know the kids on forums whine All day on this,. magic bs fixes. ever go to a race track , and in pit shop, see them put on plenum restrictors for limited races.
bingo, runs great just less HP. a fact.

yes carbon or gunk kills the EGR dead, but that makes EGR dead, and with that dead the EGR can not stall any engine sure it will ping.

what matters.
is is this.
1: do any lamps in the car go dead at the stall < means power loss.
2: did the fuel gauge or the temp gauge drop at stall, again signs of 12vdc power lost in dash (OMG ECU)
3: the CEL most glow at stall. did it, below 300 rpm it will.
4: The RPM falls to 0, stalled, sure,
5: can you save the stall with fast right foot, if not , you lost spark or all fuel pump actions. its one or the other. for sure. if this line here fails, does it?
6: if you remove the egr hose (rear) and golf TEE the hose end, does it stall now, be sure EGR main, cold now, the diaphragm ring there is pushed in now, first. (not stuck open) stall now.
6B; if no stall now , the egr is bad, if yes stall EGR system end to end are NOT BAD, now.
7: drive with scan tool connected, if you get P03xx codes of any kind, live or for sure PENDING , bingo.

you should have got a real scan tool first. code readers are useless junk , in most cases, unless 3 drives stores a code.
real scan tools are only thing to uses, some places rent them.....
I need all ways this car stalled, all evidence, under this condition. (when it happens and not)
good luck to you !!!
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