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Brakes not fitting
03-31-2018, 01:30 AM
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Brakes not fitting
Hello I have a 1990 geo tracker 2 door from canada.

I just purchased it drove it home and have been working on a few things.

I noticed the old brakes needed some love so for the front i bought new hoses, calipers, rotors and pads.

When the rotor is fully seated the caliper bracket is hitting the rotor. I am unable to bolt the bracket on with the rotor without shimming the bracket with a washer or two and that doesn't sound safe. The old brakes looked to have the same issue and the tabs that you bolt the bracket too do not seem to be bent.

Napa part numbers on the calipers are SE-1763A (RIGHT) AND SE-1764A (LEFT)

This is an issue on the right side and looks like it will be an issue on the left side as well.

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03-31-2018, 03:53 AM (This post was last modified: 03-31-2018 03:56 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: Brakes not fitting
your first ever brake job, ? did you first make sure the caliper pistons are fully collapsed and also know that caliper floats in the floating pins? and it to must be adjusted first?
all calipers work that way, they float or you crash. (LOCKUPS)
sorry if all that is old hat,?

you are buying the wrong parts. simple that is.
why not just buy USA parts, made by Raybestos, THERE REBUILDS ALL WORK !
is that car still with front spring struts?
the 1989/90 spindle knuckle is drop forged and heat treated, (imagine super strong) and will only bend in very nasty collision,
those are NAPA branded rebuilts, and near impossible to track , those.
i went online to NAPA,.
they never asked for VIN (error 1)
then fails to ask, 2door, 4door, (error2) engine size or even 2wd or 4wd, yes 4wd end spindles are different on track/kicks.
making parts buys there, near impossible (sad no?) not asking the VIN first a is super bad idea....
same with engines. not asking.
one way to cure that is avoid no name brake parts, napa rebuilds, made by whom, its secret that. so. avoid that, buy by name
with a name we the go online first, get the brake catalog and find your car, your doors, 4wd, and all that and now a correct partnumber you have to shop.
i see they sell 2 brands, not sure how altoms can fit either lacking door count
same 89-95 years.
also the rears are like that , the more heavy car has brakes tuned and for that weight class. (manual brake)

id go to advanced auto stores.
napa is going down hill fast.

Ok, the brakes on 2door DO NOT fit the 4door.
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03-31-2018, 06:32 AM
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RE: Brakes not fitting
Thanks for the reply.

I have done my fair share of brake jobs. I am not able to get to the point of putting the caliper on the rotor.

With everything pulled off I put the disk on and thats good, and sits flush. I go to put the caliper bracket on and it is hitting the face of the rotor and still has a gap in between the the caliper bracket and the spindle mounting point.

When I go to raybestos website they do not ask for any vin, doors, 4wd. They list a left and a right caliper and that it. Same with rockauto and advanced auto.
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03-31-2018, 09:28 AM
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RE: Brakes not fitting
suzuki sells 2 calipers. one for 2door and one for 4 doors.
my guess is the old calipers are missing now>? turned in as CORES, the brackets look very different.

as you slide the correct, caliper on to the disk, piston retracted, (did you) then if fits on the disk (my guess yes yours gets to this step.

then you forget to slide the caliper on its guide pins, the caliper floats on those pins, if it dont slide then its the seized pins.
the caliper floats.
if the caliper is pushed over to the side that allows the mounts to go flush then it fits, if the slides bottom out before that, then that sir is the wrong caliper.
if you drove to GM, and bought them (huge price) they ask the VIN first, that is because the 2 are NOT THE SAME.
at suzuki they can not decoded, VIN, so tell them you want 2 door calipers.

here is the Suzuki P/N
btw, calipers piston diameters vary be car weights, that is how the engineer , tune it. (same at MC too)
the car has 2door rotors too, not 4doors.
and the bracket for the caliper same 2 parts, (not counting Left and right) 2 rotors, 2 caliper , and 2 brackets in the offical suzuki catalog.

one trick is use and see lots of makers of calipers.
the suffix of the part numbers at suzuki tell use which ones they are,

there is only one, knuckle.
the wrong rotors
the wrong calipers
or even wrong wheel bearing hubs.

if the old ones fit, and the new ones do not, its the wrong parts. (sliders slid to let them fit)
I cant see the fit up so can just go, gee that is wrong.
they also sell the brackets separate too. and different from 2door and 4door.

the other fly in the ointment.
89s started in JAPAN not here at CAMI then in spring, started up in CAMI .
the 89s have different parts. too.
but are listed as 89/90 year, and parts buys are not easy, and the parts lists do not fully show this fact (shows different parts but not why in some cases),...liper,1704

here are the 2 pages in the book (V= 4 doors, C = 2, v = van, C=canvas top 2door.

[Image: 3_30_03_18_6_27_33.jpeg]

[Image: 3_30_03_18_6_26_44.jpeg]

-56b is 2door
-60a is 4.
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03-31-2018, 09:31 AM
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RE: Brakes not fitting
im sure GM uses the same parts, cami did,
only gm p/n are not same.

see bracket 13, its is quite different.
one size is 48mm bores.
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