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2000 Chevy Tracker Wheel Bearings
02-23-2018, 04:03 PM
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2000 Chevy Tracker Wheel Bearings
Well, I have a 2000 Chevy Tracker 4-door 4wd 2.0l. I already bought the wrong bearing (maybe?) and I need to know if I can make this work and possibly get few other answers.
513193 Hub Assembly is what I bought says fits 2001 and up.     What the heck is the big difference between 2000 and 2001(other than ABS)? And if i don't have ABS n the wheel bearing does so what? It looks like it'll fit. I'm wanting use a hub assembly cause they are easier, and i don't have to deal with the Race. Plus bearings are getting expensive and so are the seals. Will it work or am I hoping for to much...??? Here"s what I got now...    

Will any other spindle nuts fit on my tracker? I hate the philips head screws n the spindle nut. Was hoping an older models thread pattern was the same?

I have automatic there no option to turn them off?

Why do my lights get bright n dim? They almost flicker, New Battery n Alternator maybe 3 years ago but this been going on for almost a year.

Last Question. If this hub doesn't work...can i take parts of a 2001 and make mine use hub assemblies?
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02-23-2018, 11:25 PM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2018 12:18 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 2000 Chevy Tracker Wheel Bearings
IMO, you cant do that.
if the hubs are preloaded, see my next post on hubs.
the locking nut on all suzuki made use those screws.
4mm thread .7pitch, 10mm long (spec,) sells them,
GM has spring locks, even more hard to work. (seen 96-98 and then ends) seen on my hub pages..
The ABS ring just knocks off they sell the non-abs so folks can buy the cheaper hub, the only reasons. some makers (aftermarket) just make ABS hubs, knowing full well the mech, knocks it off.
saving huge costs making it and stocking it (economies of scale,etc)

The DRL can be defeated. (daylight run lamps)
what lights dim? high, beam, low beam, park lamps or all 3 or all lamps in the car even dash lights dim with RPM ? what?
this hub deal is the most complex of all, they kept changing the designs from 1999 on up.

all I have is this, on hubs, the parts changes, axles and all parts. doing swaps the wrong year, is not easy nor cheap.

i have no schematic for 2000 DRL, if i did , could tell you how to defeat it most easy, the new DRL , has no huge dim resistor block. it modulated the lights to dim them (PWM)
DLR loves to fail, this way, remove the DRL module, now see the burned pins, (suzuki quality there, not)
try the handbrake defeat? lie to the module, that way? see your schematic or share it, I dont have one. for 2000 GM.

newer hubs are not older.

the bearing must be pressed in, cups. (and out) can take a 10ton press, lacking preheat.

the bearing are in fact crush bearings. torqued to spec. or will fail fast, even in 3000 miles, wrecked, (Timken has a chart and test proving that 100%)
123-180 ft/lbs. is spec, out side that the bearing fails fast. all facts here, cant change the physics of this.

the years parts changed on GM is not the same as a real suzuki, nor owning a full GM parts list easy, Impossible I say. makes answers 10x more hard for swaps this.
below is suzuki full Parts manual, checks, all years 92 to 2005.... looking at changes.
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02-24-2018, 12:15 AM (This post was last modified: 02-24-2018 12:20 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 2000 Chevy Tracker Wheel Bearings
numbers, only. (fit , swaps , is complex) Suzuki (not GM , GM is unknown changes over dates and VIN )
axles changed in 1996 for 26 splines. then again, 1999 for new center of axle , electric lockups.
the knuckles changed 1999 (my guess to fit ABS)
the spindles changed, in 96+late to needle bearing inside the spindles, for 4doors only , all others bushings, then in 1999 are are needles.

the hubs are as you see there, some have new hubs 1999 and some don't (the whims of CAMI plant and stock in hand I guess, GM ran there too, and rules, theirs alone)
the suzuki book clearly shows, 99 to 2005 they changed to new hubs. 99 is the key year, !!! at SUZUKI.
discounting 2wd, (it has it's own hubs too)
the new hub is 43401-65D00,,, is unitized hubs, no bearing is sold. just hub. 1999 first year. (can be this)
the 99+03 , was also sold with 43420-51850 hubs, with bearing sold separate. (as a factory option then) my wild guess, year 2000 all were mutated to this)

the parts book makes no mention if can they be exchanged easy. (unitized or over seperate parts hubs)
how ever the key other part is that spindle it fits upon. (seems 1 axle so....)

spindle 43441-60A20 , is same 99 to 2005even on the 2.5L v6, same spindle. sq625-2 Vitara (usa spec) my 04 had this.
so my guess is it fits, take a hammer, knock off the abs ring,'
you tell us if it fits, but still needs full torque or the bearing fails fast, just like the ones on 18 wheeler trucks, ever seen a wheel hub fail on one, and the guy behind, (beep)
They have special QA tests on these crush bearings, to avoid the above, on long haulers. just to prevent prove the .002" clearance happens, no bs.
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02-24-2018, 12:31 AM
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RE: 2000 Chevy Tracker Wheel Bearings
DRL is a dimmer,
it runs HL in the day, and uses electronics to do that, a box. called DRL module
the old box uses finder mounted huge dimmer resistor.
then they got smart, deleted that and use PWM, a modulator to do that inside the box.
it can be defeated, easy
but suzuki changes the design a crazy number of times.
so I'd need your HL schematic for that method, most easy. most times is a cut and ground the wire. at the box.

there are many ways to do that
1 fool the box tell it the alternator is dead, not letting same go to dash, cut at box, and jump. btw, did you know the DLR box, can make the Alternator fail>? (some years) see burned pins?
2: fool it such that the hand brake is set full time but not let that go to the dash logic. (wire cut) "brake fail"
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