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16 valve TPS Question
Finally passed smog!!! Just as a recap to follow up on the previous questions: It does have a new 3-way cat specific to the 1.6, the “spin tires rule” does apply to my vehicle for EGR function, the misfire was only when the wheels were up and spinning with no code 51, and the stall test was done by hand(it would bog down to 450 rpm and shake then stall...but if I did it slow enough, the motor would recover to 800 rpm with the egr diaphragm pushed in...I don’t know if that is normal...diaphragm does hold 26”Hg static). What I did find, thanks to you was the quad port runners in the intake were loaded with carbon. Cleaned it all out and reassembled to find the misfire gone!!! And it passed smog with flying colors...see attached results. It still requires throttle input to start when cold, and I don’t know why, but the fact that it finally passed has me stoked!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your help, I couldn’t have done it without this forum.

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1986 Samurai with 1993 1.6 16V
1.6 completely rebuilt, Trail Tough harness modification and ECM bench test, injectors tested and cleaned, Thorley header, new cat, 2”exhaust
Trail Tough Epic Trek SPOA on 33” BFG KO2’s
that is great news, and no small feat !
yes, if one EGR injector tube if clear and 3 other carbon clogged, I bet that free one overloads that matching cylinder, not easy to find that. but you did.
that must be calif, 93 ECU with the rear tire up rule spin.
that readout is so clean we can breath it direct. wow super clean exhaust.

you are welcome and doing all the tests, really does help. the newer car with the new mono jet (my name) in 1996, puts the clogged carbon in super easy spot to clean.
behind the TB. but can clog in 3 or more places working back from there.
NICE Work you did, be stoked !

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