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engine rpm surge. help needed.
Yesterday, 08:54 PM
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RE: engine rpm surge. help needed.
yes, if the bad ISC is dead. (shorted coil, that means the ISC is 100%) closed, and there will be no air to run the engine hot, (cold yes, hot NO)

all normal,for that failure (and burned up transistor as a door prize)
and if no new ISC was replaced, then the owner Nincompoop'd the THROTTLE STOP, (drastic fixes happen)
so now you get to re-calibrate the TB and a new transistor I bet.

i have a page for that called the same name, (SUZUKI tells you to buy a $1200 TB, plus shipping)
I call the page SCREWED AGAIN.

set the screw so the TV blade (brass butterfly valve) LANDS ON THE BORE WITH A .0005 GAP, .001 " MAY WORK TOO,
see the red words of the how and way, suzuki did this.
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Today, 04:35 AM
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RE: engine rpm surge. help needed.
holy crap Photobucket is usless!! i used to use it all the time for photo and video uploads but there are so many ad's and pop ups its not usable. i tried to upload a vid to it but didnt work.. i dont think i can attach a vid here.

so update..

i retested the (junkyard) isc for ohms. it is at 11.9 my original is OL. (infinite) trashed.

drove the kick today. i immediately noticed the cold idle was higher. usually its around 1200. today it was at 1500. (i did the suck blow test on the junkyard isc and it is sealed completely shut when not energized) dont know if this higher idle means anything or nothing at all.

i waited for it to warm up fully and turned on all loads, first was highbeams, full blower speed, radio, and put into drive. rpm dropped from 800 (before load) to 700 with load. before it would be at 500., then with all other loads on.. i turned on the AC. i watched the rpm drop and thought... well go figure ecm is trashed. as i was having that thought the idle rpm shot up to 900!!! before with full load, ac on idle speed was 200!! with very dim lights. holy hell did i fix something? so then i went a step further and tested the isc connector for ohms.... to me this test will prove if there is feedback from the ecm. if OL or infinite i can assume the transistor is trashed. well i got around 5 ohms. dont know if this value is good or bad but what i do know is that its not OL or infinite! so good? im thinking so. test drove kick afterwards and all is well. no crazy low idles like before.

move on to adjusting the TPS. i DID NOT use anything but an 8mm socket here and my fingers... no DMM or gauges or anything.. wrong? hell yes it is. my point is.. if you remember earlier on i said the tps was maxed out in one direction... so no matter how bone headed i adjust it by ear.. no way can i make it worse? so i throttled the engine up right at 1900 rpm while it was surging i begin to turn the tps very slowly. first thing i noticed as i turned the tps it was drastically raising my rpm on me. no big deal, i just had to maintain that 1900 surge. well i got the tps right about center (which is where visually all of the ones not tampered with seem to be) and the surge stopped!!!, i backed off the tps and the surge returned. so i turned it just until the surge went away and tightened it down... so now that ive fixed (or bandaided/covered up) the surge.. i have other issues.. (as we knew would arise from fixing previous owners nincompoop adjustments) i stopped turning the tps exactly when the surge stopped because as stated the further i turn it the higher the idle gets. so now.. the tps is "adjusted" lol.. now my new issues.

issue 1.....

we know the throttle plate is closed 99.99999% bone head did not touch the stop screw, lets not go there lol

idle is at 1100. thought ok. adjust idle screw on top on intake/TB area. i turned it as the idle was lowering i noticed the screw bottomed out. oh shit. still high idle and im out of adjustment!!! i looked over at the distributor adjustment gap (where retard slows idle/advance speeds up) i noticed the bolt is in the center of the slot. good enough for me.. not maxed out either direction. (like the tps) so i moved on to possible large vac leaks... nothing obvious. then i sprayed carb cleaner on fuel injector O rings and all hoses and intake to head gasket and intake half gasket. tb gasket. nothing found!!! no leaks. cant hear one, cant see one.. cant spray and find one. so i thought... is the isc stuck full open? i unplugged it and the damn idle dropped from 1100 to 600 (this entire time no loads at all were on) so i plugged it back in and the idle raised to 650.. should the isc be doing anything at idle with no loads? either way i adjusted the idle screw to 800rpm. (its now about 1 full turn from bottomed out) lots of back and forth info here... thoughts? was the isc/ecm confused and temporary held the isc wide open? i did clean and lubricate it. (because if you clean to vigorously it can become dry and stick, so i shot a shot of wd40 in the spring after i cleaned it)

2nd issue...

remember the intermittent "clicking/ticking" noise i reported having earlier on? this is not internal engine or a mechanical engine noise. it sounds like a relay rapidly clicking, well as i was adjusting the tps, right when the surge stopped, the ticking started. at the exact same time. like they traded places. the clicking/ticking starts at around 1900 rpm, goes away above 2300 rpm., doesnt exist from idle to 1899 rpm. is only there under extreme light throttle application. (just like the surge was) you can hear it while driving but its only like i said, 1900-2300 rpm, ie cruising at 30-38 mph with very light throttle input. (this is the vid i tried to upload and failed) my stethoscope is at work.. Dodgy so i used a long screw driver to try and find what the hell is clicking... i was un-successful.. (btw unplugging the isc did not stop the ticking) what i do know is this tick is not coming from the isc,fpr,maf,tps,egr valve, egr vacuum modulator, egr relay, or the relay next to that. to me the sound is coming from under the intake, above the injectors between cyl 2 and 3 (you know.. an area you can not access!!) is there a vss under there? i cant think of what could make this sound nor what would cause it.? hell maybe its normal and every 16valve does it and im just being paranoid... its loud enough that the wife asked what that noise was while we were driving it. and shes not mechanically inclined at all what so ever.
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