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94 Sidekick not starting
11-03-2017, 09:28 AM
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94 Sidekick not starting
Hey all,
I recently did a top end rebuild on my 94 sidekick with the G16B engine.
I put it all back together, set the timing according to the fixkick website, and the engine doesn't fire, just cranks.

I've pulled each spark plug individually to see that they are getting spark. I am getting fuel to the cylinders because the spark plugs are wet and smell like fuel when I pull them out. The timing is correct to my knowledge and following the instructions from the fixkick website.

Is it possible that a sensor is causing the engine to flood itself? Otherwise, I have no idea what could be causing the engine not to fire.

Before the top end rebuild, there were no starting issues, just leaking oil.
I did swap the alternator with a GM 1 wire that puts out 90 amps, not sure if that would cause the ECU to fry...

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11-03-2017, 09:35 AM
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RE: 94 Sidekick not starting
Forgot to mention, it is a 94 suzuki sidekick 1.6L G16B 16v engine.
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11-03-2017, 09:57 AM
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RE: 94 Sidekick not starting
the alternator wrong and going over 19vdc will fry the ECU and many things, my guess you check that the charge voltage is 13.3 15v and no more, ever.
when YOU WOT the the throttle cranking, there is no injections at all the super secret ECU unflood mode.
in fact the best test is with the fuel pump relay pulled, green relay under ECU.
then use test fuel to test engine, all day long (spray can of fuel, or instant start)
the spark must be in time..

use a timing light to do that, they work running or cranking.
so your getting spark
is compression test is first on any top end job, to prove its done right, always, 160psi good 80psi bad, 80 is timed wrong. cam.
if compression is ok then spark is timed wrong
cam is timed at #4 firing. both #4 valves closed at ITS TDC
spark is timed at #1 firing, at TDC both valves closed #1
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