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Fuel pump access
06-18-2017, 10:18 PM
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RE: Fuel pump access
Btw, I'll do what you suggested to me and start a new thread soon showing what the Tracker and Sidekick were before I work on those. The 93 Tracker 1.6l 8v,autom, 4wd 2d : it's almost all apart by now. I,ve got to redo completely the floor and a lot of work to do on the frame, I want to learn how to rebuild the autom transmission, motor need word, I'll redo part of the wiring, etc's ging to be easy to sandblast parts as they are all apart...... No need to say I like to learn !! Smile) but at least this little beast is going to be alive again.... !!!

Some work have been done on the 94 Sidekick manual 1.6l 8v 4wd 2doors. As you've seen I'll check all fuel and brake system and replace everything that need to. As Fixkick said (and he's right)pics worth 1000 word....

I'm lifting up my Tracker cab within the next two weeks so I'll begin to post pics by then for the before......I'll also take pics form my Sidekick work before and after this work should be done before I lift up the cabin of m Tracker.....

Tanks again to you Fetcher and Fixkick for the infos.....
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06-19-2017, 09:43 AM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2017 09:46 AM by fetcher.)
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RE: Fuel pump access
Another way to remove a frozen banjo bolt would be
to get a hold of one of these:


And then drill a series of small holes in the bung just short of the fastening bolt
and then, give the bung a bit of a crack.
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06-19-2017, 11:31 AM
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RE: Fuel pump access
a nut splitter.
the china version works 2 times and fails. btw.

no point in removing the banjo now, it has no hope at all of ever working again, this seal edges are thin, and now with rust, that thin edges are hopeless, fixed many kicks like it, too many .
on one car we took off the banjo set,
and milled them flat again. so the copper washers can work. and not leak fuel every mile.
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