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1.6 Swap Injecton problem
02-21-2017, 07:46 AM
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1.6 Swap Injecton problem
Hi at all,

I'm new here, i'm from italy, first of all i have to apologize for my english.

I have a 1994 suzuki samurai, i recently put into it a 1.6 G16A with its intake manifold and tbi, i'm using the original 1.3 distributor and ignition coil.

The car won't run properly, stayng at idle, if i open the throttle the engine it hesitate badly and is obviusly undrivable.

I tried to use the original 1.3 ecu, map sensor, and lambda sensor, then i tried to put the 1.6 components and i tried to use another fuel injector too, but nothing is changed.

I don't have ECU Errors.

A strange thing that i have noticed is when i disconnect the Coolant Temperature Sensor The engine seems to run almost perfect, if i plug it, i always have the same problem.

With the orginal 1.3 engine fuel injected i never had no fuel problem at all ( i put the 1.6 because the 1.3 engine was cracked somewhere and it had an water burn problem).

I don't know what can i try to test so if you can give me some advices i would be grateful.

Thank you

Hello At all!!!!!!!
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02-21-2017, 08:48 AM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2017 03:36 AM by fixkick.)
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Lightbulb RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
mixing EFI parts is not going to work at all
maybe the TB G16 will work with the G13 EFI but the ISC is different.
im lacking like 90% of the details, so..,..
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02-21-2017, 09:37 PM (This post was last modified: 02-22-2017 04:33 AM by loe92.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
I can't know the year of all my components, i didnt take all the component's from the same car, i'll try to take some picture tonight to show you the code that is print on some of that.

I Have now a 1.6 Ecu now but the problem was the same on the 1.3 ecu (81c70), i tested the fuel pump and the pressure fuel was around 2.8 bar with the engine on, i triend to switch another 1.6 injector and nothig is changed ( i'm am not sure about the conditions of this fuel injector, but who sold this to me said that on his car it worked).

Tell me if you want to know other details or if i forgot to mention something.

I think that my 1.6 TBI is 91+.

My map sensor is for 1.6 Injection but i'm not sure 100% that it's compatlible with my ecu.

And i have a big question, i didn't know about the esistence of the resistor block, i don't even know how it's made, have you a picture of that?

Thank you very much

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02-25-2017, 08:45 AM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2017 03:39 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
(02-21-2017 10:50 AM)fixkick Wrote:  forget my Resistor block comment, its wrong engine (no access to my full docs on vacation, so,,,,?

Where is the Resistor Block on the car (Samurai And Sidekick)?
I can't find informations about this component.

It can be the key of all my problems
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02-27-2017, 10:01 PM
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem

This eveing i'll take some picutres of the custom tester that i did, the fuel pressure was stucked on 2.8.
I tested the fuel pressure some weeks ago.
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02-28-2017, 05:42 AM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2017 03:40 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
I'll paste this on my profile description but before i prefer that you check what i wrote. And like i said before sorry for my english, this is a chance to improve it, i'm tring to use the least possbile google translate Smile.

I'm from italy, i live near Genoa, in a little countryside village.
I have a 1994 Samurai, 1.3 Iniection.
Due some watern burning problems, i decided to replace the engine with a bigger 1.6 unit.
I wanted to keep the fuel injection, i tried to search a complete 1.6 tbi implant, but i didn't find it, here in italy parts of this cars are not easy to find, so i decided to buy separately ( ok that was the worst idea ever ) , The ECU, and the MAP Sensor comes from different cars, i found a TBI+Intake manifold and exhaust manifold with the o2 sensor from the same car, the ECT sensor and the IAT sensor are from a older 91- Intake manifold that i bought as possible replacement (i can take a picture of it if you want)

Here's my configuration:
-1.6 G16A Engine (This Engine was from a carbureted vehicle i think, because on the original exhaust manifold there was no thread for the o2 sensor i don't know the year of this engine )

-1.6 complete TBI with its own intake manifold (91+ model)

-The code of my ecu is 33920-56B70 MT ( I bought this one because searching on the web i find that this code should matches the TBI 91+)

-The electrical wiring is the original from the samurai, except for one modification: I took the signal from the noise suppressor filter and bring it to the A1 Terminal on the ECU how it's showed on the electrical schematics.

- ECT (brand new aftermarket) ve375010 RY3216

- IAT 13650 56B00

- TPS ( I don't see a code on it, actually i mounted the original from 1.3 engine, i saw on the web that tey are equal with 1.6 one, i have removed the old one was mouted on this TBI just as try ).

- Speaking aboiut the O2 sensor i'll put a picture of that, actually i use the 3 wires with the black connector instead the original with 4 wires with the green connector,. There is another O2 Sensor on the catalityc converter that i left uplugged, I made a brand new exhaust removing the Catalytic Converter and i have the Calmini 4-1-2 Exhaust Manifold. My EGR is Bypassed With a Copper Gasket between it and the TBI, that keeps The egr passage closed.
I Don't Have connected yet the valve that controls the Cannister purge sistem.

- The map Sensor Actually is the one in the picture that i sent previously , Code 18590-80C00 (Not Sure about the Matching with the ecu)

- The distributor is the stock one 1.3 Code 33100-80C1

I live at 200 m Above the sea level, I have 2.8 BAR at Idling and also revving.
I know that is not the right way of thinking, but i don't think that the fuel pump is bad because with the original 1.3 engine all worked perfectly, I also tried to replace the Fuel Regulator with another one and nothing is changed.
I did the test Bolting on the filter the custom thester that i did (picture Attacched).
If you want thanother and more precise test tell me, and i'll do.

I addiction i Can tell you that i did a lot of "tests" tryng to swap some components:

Original 1.3 Map Sensor
Original 1.3 o2 Sensor
Original 1.3 TPS (Still mounted on the tbi)
Original 1.3 IAT Sensor
Original 1.3 Ect Sensor
Original 1.3 Ecu

With this differents components the car had still the same problem, nothing is changed.

I attach a picture of the ISC valve too so you can see his code.

I wanted to buy a G16A because my friend have this engine on his samy (Lovely carbureted version) and i always liked his torque, with this engine we can climb everywhere without any problem even without use all the Accelerator. It's hard to me to believe that 16 valves is so strong on low RPM but to be honest i never tryied this engine.

Thank you Seriously for your help.

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02-28-2017, 09:50 PM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2017 03:41 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
The banjo is m12x1,25 and it has got 2 holes (is double), i used this to connect the original hose and the hose with the Fuel Gauge , on the filter. What's wrong with that?

This is my ECT

If i would to keep the 56b tbi i have to change MAP and Distributor ?

I can't replay at all things now i will rewrote to you this evening.
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03-01-2017, 12:04 AM (This post was last modified: 03-01-2017 06:46 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
ok long banjo bolt used, end worry ,sorry! but wanted to know exact hook up, if i guess, then i make horrible answers.
the tests must be done right , or the logic of diagnosis is useless

I'm hard set to bad map
or vacuum to it wrong.

seems this car is a SANTANA, Samurai
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03-01-2017, 04:22 AM (This post was last modified: 03-01-2017 06:47 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
I used my longer 12x1,25 banjo to bolt togheder the original hose and my fuel testing hose on the side of the filter that goes to the TBI (THE ORDER IS: filter|Alluminium gasket|car hose|Alluminium gasket|hose with tester|Alluminium gasket| Longer Banjo) If i use this method instead the original i don't think that can cause a bad reading of the fuel pressure, I'm testing the fuel pressure from the same point of the sistem.

There is a thing that i probably misunderstood, samurai was sold in europe there's a lot of samurai here, i don't undestand why you are asking to me how did a Samurai get in Italy, but i probably don't get what do to you really mean.

On the tag is wrote :


E6 (CIRCLED) 14R - 0214291
- 0214292

17R - 03870248

YD412 YD422

I can try to replace all components with those ones that matches with the 1.6 ECU CODE so we shall not have more doubts about compatibility issues, Can this be a good idea?

I'm sorry if didn't undestand immediately all the informations and advices that you are giving to me but i can assure you that i'm not doing this on purpose.

There is a language barrier between us too (of course is my fault lol)

Thank you for being so patient
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03-01-2017, 08:07 AM (This post was last modified: 03-05-2017 03:42 AM by fixkick.)
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RE: 1.6 Swap Injecton problem
This 1.3 map sensor so matches my 1.6 ECU?

Do i need a tool like this to test the vacuum?

I attach a picure of the tag too. ( Is the best that i can do by night)

I'll wait for the 2 march to know if i have to replace the distributor and what distributor i need.

And just to explain.

If i use the car how is now with all the sensor plugged, when i stay at idle and i open the trotthle i hear a big hesitation around 1000 rmp but then the engine goes up with no big problems, when i drive the car if i am not soft with the accelerator pedal the car boggles in a terrible way ( i don't know if this is the right term) and is un-drive able.
As i mention in the first post, i tried to disconnect all the sensor on the car but the one that make the difference is the ECT sensor and the car has no more this hesitation (because it goes in LIMPHOME mode and is superich).

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