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97 Sidekick Sport 1.8L - CUTS OUT AT 1/4 THROTTLE
It was sorry to see that your problem have not yet been solved even though everbody has tried to give inputs. For my part, what I did share to you was what my Sport acted like knocking, not mis fire during idle only some years ago.

Let's go back to your term "Cutting out" What do you really mean by that?
'96 (07/95) US imported Sidekick Sport, 16V, 1.8L, 4 auto, 4x4, 4dr, A/C, ABS, 99K on odometer, VIN: JS3TD21V6T4101985, bone stock.
You mentioned something about the thermostat. I did install an electric fan, and I modified the bottom radiator hose to accommodate the thermal switch to turn the fan on. I don't see how that could cause an electrical mis-fire problem though.

By cutting out, I mean it is drastically losing power all at once, not gradually. It does this no matter what temperature, so not. thermally related.
I have an ELM 327 and it works for me.
Just wondering if your oxygen sensors are swinging voltage. Am I correct to write there should be an acceptable range of voltage and the
voltage should be always changing?
MtTrails, if your fuel pressure turns out to be stable, you can try this test that costs nothing and takes no tools and very little effort. When you first start the car, before it warms up and the idle drops, check if the car cuts out when you press
the throttle.
if the scan tool goes off line (comm failed) the ECU lost power. this is the easy way to find this.
and is first. fact to learn.
the fuel pressure is not the same at sea-level and here ,

[Image: too-high.JPG]
The test I suggested is very easy. Next I would establish if the ELM 327 was linked and working well with the software.
Once it is working, I think there is a likelihood that the software will somewhere present the failure.
Ok, I would agree. If the software MtTrails has only can retrieve error codes, it would not be extremely useful.
As you wrote: " good software, there are 100s". Still, I would first try to use what I have, or what is easy/inexpensive to obtain. I have to connect my laptop to the OBDII cable in the car. If I had to use it every day, the best would be well worth the price. I complain about Chinese stuff like from Harbor Freight, but I certainly use some of it because I would never be able to have the ability to do certain things otherwise, diamond bits, temperature reading gun, pipe bender... and I like collecting the free stuff they give you. The free tape measure works, but it can also cut you!

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