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Intake rocker arm clips
This seems to be the only thread about these clips.

I have some follow up questions, what are these clips doing in the engine.
I reassembled the head without them, I only saw fragments of them when disassembling.
I was planning on installing the head today, What should I do now?

Geo Tracker 1996 16v
i sure don't know that,but I can tell you on this cheap car, not one part is extra or useless.
my wild guesses are this.
1: they keep those follower devices from rattling.
2: thye keep the followers from falling out.'
3: both above.

only suzuki makes them and sees them,
some 4x4 shops stock them at x2 retail off the suzuki parts pages actual.

springs broken up and lost inside any engine is nasty thing, wow. seen every time at the 50k mile service point,saw one, that was cracked but not fell out once.
off topic but related big time.
do this yet, in the fsm book or leaks oil out rear bad.

hard to find parts titled head springs.

here i added it to the gallery ,just now
see it and see pn.
all at once.

[Image: 3_18_01_19_3_28_02.jpeg]

the suzuki web site graphics suck;
the ID is very hard learn ID#
as see here

it is not iD 7 to 13
it is in 14 to 18 group, ID range. IDK
i think it is ID 15

if i google search that pn , it shows, me BINGO it.

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